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Tuesday, March 01, 2011



Look what a difference 20 years makes! :D We're ready for spring here, too, but it's not warm yet. The locals say it should be soon!

A quilting blog? I didn't think you had too much quilting on here! LOL


How cute all those little ones were. Tom looked like a teenager. You are so right that the years go by so fast. We should treasure each day the Lord gives us.
Glad you enjoyed your company. It's always nice to have guests over for some fellowship.



Your picture was taken when I was expecting /having Allison.Where did the time go


I love Jonathan and Sarah's faces on that older picture! :-) I look forward to hiking in the mountains this spring! Did you finish your dish towel?


I loved the past and present picture, so neat. I enjoy your blog, whatever the topic :)

Kathy W

Absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful memory with all of us. Our whole family hovered around the pc to see the sweet photos. Time does fly, doesn't it!?!?
Blessings to you all from NY!

Lisa Spivey

Hi Deb!
You have such a sweet family and your children are wonderful mentors to the younger set. We like Sunday afternoon hikes too and are at the tail-end of the Blue Ridge Parkway in our area of SC and that is on our "to do" list to explore one day soon.
Have a good day!

Amy, a redeemed sheep

The "then and now" pictures are great!


Thanks for the fun update. We are still awaiting warm weather in Chicago. Hiking looks like lots of fun. And those two pictures 20 years apart are great! What a memory you have to think of looking for the 1991 picture and what organization you must have to actually have found it. :)


Oh, and I must say that Jonathan and Sarah have greatly improved their posing skills. Hannah must have been born a "prim and proper" lady. :)


I'm w/Laura. I enjoy your blog, no matter the contest--even though I have absolutely NO interest in quilting. Take that, Hannah and Sarah!

Jonathan Girotti

Anna, no my posing skills haven't really improved after 20 years. Mom only posted the good ones. ;)


That is very generous of her. :)

Nick Jesch

Looks like a great break from "cabin fever". One of these days, I'd love to visit and explore that area. A friend of mine I visited in January has cycled the entire Parkway... in two sections. Given enough time I'm sure it could be done in one summer. Every photograph of that area I've ever seen is gorgeous... I'd be obligated to burden myself with at least SOME camera equipment.... no one would talk to me after I got home if I didn't.

Glad you all had such a great time in the outside air.

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