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Friday, March 18, 2011


Susan Ramey Cleveland

I didn't even realize it was faded. Maybe if you tea dyed the whole quilt, it would camouflage the faded area. Anyway, I love your quilt in a day. I hope you find a way to save it.


Oh it's lovely!!! I believe the faded spot adds character and charm, which is what I feel all quilts should have anyway:) It also carries it's own story. I hope you finish it, what a neat gift to pass on to Jonathan a one day.


I also meant to add that the vies from your deck is breathtaking. Hope you have a wonderful day :)

Robin Booth

I didn't notice that it was faded until you mentioned it. Maybe it is more noticeable seeing it first hand. I wouldn't try to hand quilt this as it takes so long and will take you away from projects you want to make. Maybe you could use a "big stitch" and pearl cotton to give it a more casual feel. Good luck to you.


Oh, Deb, I just laughed out loud when I read "quilt in a day!" That was just so funny, and SO like something I would do (as in a certain eagle cross stitch). I love the colors. Maybe you could just tie the whole thing and bind it like it is, no more borders on it? It would make a great quilt to bundle up in during the winter, or a picnic quilt in the summer, or you could finish it and refold it and put it back on that quilt hanger - feeling all better that it's done and not just folded strategically! ;)


How many days are in 25 years! Finis it the fastest way and move on.I give you credit for wanting to finish the quilts.I am guessing it has been moved about 4 times .

Enjoy the warm weather.


Wow, it is quite faded! LOL @ "Quilt in a Day"...whatever! Who could do a whole quilt in one day? Well, I have a great aunt who can but she is the fastest seamstress I've ever known.

What I would do with it: tie it, and bind it. Use it for a picnic throw. Either that, or banish the guilt and just get rid of it!


Even though I don't quite follow the technical details, I'd like to say that this is fabulous! Does the fading matter? I guess you'd have to see it up close to know. Good luck with it anyway.

What's your completed FO tally now Deb?


I always laugh at the "quilt in a day" patterns. I might be able to finish an entire quilt in one day if I didn't do anything else, but definitely not one that big. My goodness! What ever happened to truth in advertising? Good luck!


Well, at least you're willing to tackle it - no matter how late. I'll look forward to seeing what you eventually decide to do.


Stephanie in MIchigan

Great stories. Yeah, the whole "quilt in a day" think has always made me laugh, too.


I agree...tie it up, bind it, and use it for ourdoor activites. Has the fabric thinned out too where it is faded? Howi s Sarah coming along in her hand quilting?


:) my first quilt that I did on my own was the same pattern... and it is all faded now too. You commented on my FMQ awhile back... well, my input is to get started on this one! (unless the batting is the fiber fill we used 25 years ago)... if it has a cottom batting it would be perfect to practice on and it would help stabalize those parts where the fabric may be weak from the sun dammage.


Wonderful !!!

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