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Friday, March 25, 2011


Susan Ramey Cleveland

The cross stitch piece is lovely. It's my favorite of the ones you have shown. I also like the pinwheel quilt. Love that fabric.

Diane W

I haven't cross stitched in a long time, but your piece is beautiful. Can't wait to see your Block-a- Palooza quilt. I didn't join in and kind of regret it. Had too much going on.


That cross stitch is beautiful. Have a safe trip and enjoy the warmth of South Carolina.



The cross stitch is beautiful, Deb! You will enjoy that in your kitchen!

I love the little pinwheels in your quilt block this week. That was a fast quilt along, wasn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.

I know you're glad Granny is coming home! Is it that much warmer down in SC than where you are? You are all warmer than we are! LOL My parents in SC have a little tree business that is picking up because folks are planting, but we don't plant up here till near the end of May. Not that I plant anything, mind you! ;)


The cross stitch is beautiful!

Sounds like a good plan for the quilt!

Stephanie in MIchigan

Deb, your stitchery is beautiful! Way to finish something! Isn't that a good feeling to pass it off to someone else to do the very final touches?!


The cross stitch will look so good on the wall, way to go Deb, you are powering through the UFOs!


Snow? That far south?? Oh dear - that doesn't bode well for us :) Someone didn't get the memo for spring!

Lovely handiwork Deb - you're so talented! Your quilt runner is looking beautiful on my kitchen table with lovely sunshine falling across it. And your little dishcloth is hard at work by my kitchen sink!



Wow!!! You have been so busy! It was nice to sit and catch up with all that is going on your way! Snow?! Hope it's not much...although I'm sure Sarah is pleased. :-) The cross stitch is pretty, bartering for things sounds like so much fun & so rewarding, the fence looks great, and I love the colors and design of the quilt! I'll be praying for safety as you travel today. Happy Birthday to your sister & hooray for your Mom coming back to your place!


Yay - a finish! It will look so nice in your kitchen I'm sure.


Congratulations on finishing the cross stitch Deb! It is beautiful!!. Hey I noticed the date and initials In the corner. :) Very proud of you for getting it finished !!!


Well done - I love the finished cross-stitch! It's really pretty. I expect you're looking forward to having it up in your kitchen.


Oh my gosh Deb- the finished cross stitch piece is fabulous- I knew it would be. That is an heirloom my friend! You are really marking that UFO list down little by little!


That's a beautiful cross-stitch creation. I haven't done c/s in years, but that makes me want to start again.


Beautiful!! Don't forget to send a picture on your wall.
I've been thinking about that beautiful quilt and thought I would send my thoughts! :) It would involve cutting it but why not use it to make a baby quilt to set aside for Jonathan's first born, quilt bib-aprons for the girls and maybe even a table runner for your picnic table including the faded sections. Just a frugal thought or two!!!

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