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Friday, April 29, 2011



What a wonderful give away. Please sign me up. Let's see, my mom devoted her life to caring for her husband and children and still looks for ways to help her children and their families even though we are all grown and have grown children of our own. She has never stopped being concerned for the well-being of her family.


Leslie From VA

I love Granny's baskets and Hannah's soaps!! My Mom had a wonderful sense of humor. She could make laugh at the most unusual things!


Your giveaway gift is splendid! I always like homemade/handmade gifts best. My mother gives the gift that keeps on giving...she has taught piano to all my children, for free. That means she has given up every Monday afternoon from 1-4, for 10 months each year, since 1991 when Sarah turned 4. Thank you, Mom....and thank you Girottis for letting us boast on our Moms.

Lisa Spivey

Good Morning!
What a nice giveaway!
My mom... where to begin.... even though we had little money to spare, afforded me lots of wonderful opportunities growing up with lessons in piano, trombone, horseback riding, baton, ballet, ice skating, roller skating and even though she was not fond of outdoor activities, she was a part of purchasing my first horse.
My mom.... sewed all my clothes until maybe high school and even then I used to want her to make my clothes for me because they just fit and felt better than store-bought clothes.
My mom....was not the warm-fuzzy type, nor the 'bake chocolate chip cookies with me' type, nor many hugs and kisses type, but I always felt she loved me.
Thanks for lettiing me share some of my memories of my mom.


What a fun giveaway! I really hope I win. :)

There are so many nice things about my mother! But to choose mom is loving and kind. Always. :)



Mama Bear (Andrea P.)

My mother passed away 18 years ago and I still miss her! She had the most amazing gift of making everyone feel special. I stood in line at her memorial service for two hours and listened to students, teachers, counselors, principals, neighbors, friends (she taught for 30 years and was a director of guidance in a public high school), and others tell how special her relationship with them was. And yet, her three children never felt "second best" but all claimed to have a similar, special relationship with her. We never felt that she did not have time for us, or that other relationships were more important. We knew that we were important and special to her. She always listened. I aspire to have a personal impact on lives as she modeled for me.

Julie Sacra

It's delightful to catch up with you all again, after giving up Google Reader for Lent! What a fun giveaway! Congratulations on reaching 1600 posts. I hope there will be many more. My mom was extremely patient...I never once heard her complain. I miss her!


Nice give away.My mom passed away when I was 5 and I don't remember her.I will tell you about my step mom Jane.I can still see Jane smiling at any school performance that I was in.I used to think she had the biggest smile then all of the other moms.Sadly she was only with us for 6 years before she passed away from cancer.


What a wonderful giveaway!

What I remember most about my mother was her unconditional love. She lived to be 85 and was very active until the last few years.

I still miss her. :)


I can't believe your generous give-a-way!!! Thank you!
My Mom is still with us and whenever she comes for a visit we lovingly call her "MOW" instead of "MOM"....MOW is short for "Meals On Wheels".....she always comes with delicious meals ready to fatten up her family! The boys came up with this term of endearment. :)


My mother passed away many years ago but I still remember her generosity and her "gift of gab"! She loved to talk on the phone. :) Thanks for hosting this special giveaway and congratulations on so many posts.


What a neat give-a-way! My mom wasn't good at sewing or even a real dab hand at cooking but she could (and still does) bake the most awesome breads, biscuits and pancakes!


Something ince about Mum? What's the length of comments here? :) The nicest thing about my Mum is that she is MY Mum and I still have her at almost 85.


Congratulations What a beautiful gift! My mother passed away over 12 years ago and I still miss her every day. She was my best friend. She was an expert seamstress and she loved to make crafts, dolls, quilts, etc. She was always home to greet me when I came home from school. She could make the best homemade bread. I love you mom.

Stephanie in MI; AKA Mama Pea

Congratulations! I love this giveaway and would LOVE to win it. I want to buy one of Granny's baskets and some soap, but right now, I'm pinching pennies. Something nice about my mom? Well, she's my best friend. I call her on the phone and we can just chatter away for hours. I am going to visit her in June and am going to stay with her for almost 3 weeks. I can't wait! She is the best mom ever!


Oh, I'd love to have so many things made by you ladies! What a generous giveaway!

My mother (who is actually my stepmother) is a lady of great strength. She was suddenly & tragically widowed in her mid-20s and stayed faithful to the Lord, raising her two children alone for 10 years. One of those children had special needs, and he is still home with her now, at age 43. I'm always amazed when I think of going through something like that; I don't think I'd have had that strength. I'll get to see her and my dad the day after Mother's Day this year, for the first time in 3 years. I'd definitely share with her and my mother-in-law - Mother would just love that soap! I'll be out of town on the 6th, but you know my email! ;) LOL

Brenda S. Perdue

wow,I would love to join your give-away. My Mom was called to Heaven in 2004 and I miss her every day. She was a great Mother and also a friend to all,and what a cook she was,which I did not inhert from her. I know I will see her one day soon and in the meantime her and Daddy are together again and walking those streets of gold.

Sherrin Drew

This is wonderful . . . but it looks like I will have to be very blessed to win! I love your blog (first stop on google reader) and I am so glad you keep at it! Well done on reaching this milestone.


What a sweet give away!! My mother is THE most organized homemaker and hostess. I learned a great deal about how to plan ahead for entertaining by watching her host many a family gathering.
God bless you and yours!!! Happy spring!


Congrats! I'm so glad I found your blog. I love it. My Mother is in heaven now. I miss her every day. She was always there for me and I'll never forget that. She was a preachers wife and besides raising 5 children, she stayed busy with church work, standing by my Dad and helping him.


Hello Mrs. Girotti!

I would love to enter the giveaway! Momma is the best role model for me. She is always encouraging to our family. She is self-sacrificing for us and honors GOD in all she does!


oh fun! please enter me too :)

My mom is a really good cook and teahces me alot about cooking and easier ways to make things....and how to make them healthier! shes also a great school teacher! :)
Thanks for the chance!!


I would love to win the basket of goodies, but if I don't, I still count it a joy to write about my Mama. We did not have much, but I remember how Mama always made the most of what we had. Most of all, I remember it was Mama that always saw that we went to church. It was Mama that always listen to Preacher Barber on the radio and sang the old hymns of the faith around the house as she cooked, canned and took care of all of us. All of our time at home was not the best, but Mama did the best she could and I will always be thankful to her for what she did for us.

Mrs. U

I'd love to enter your giveaway- it's WONDERFUL!!!!

There are SO many nice things about my mother! Aside from truly striving to follow the Lord, one big thing that has always stood out is that she has always ALWAYS been there whenever we have needed her. Still to this day, no matter what's going on, I KNOW I can call my mom and she will stop everything to listen to me. I truly hope that I come across this way to my children! It's been such a wonderful gift that she has given all three of her children- a loving, listening ear and understanding heart.

Happy early Mother's Day to all the mommys here!!

Mrs. U


Congratulation! Wow what a giveaway, of course it would look great at my house! :)
My mom was my very best friend. She went home in 1993 and I miss her every day. I went to public school but in the evenings we went over everything from the day. She taught Sunday School for many,many years. So of course, it was just natural for me to teach also. I still get homesick just thinking about those 4 long years at college so far away from Mom. After I married we talked every week on the phone. She loved her family but she lover her Saviour more than anything!! Happy Mother's Day to all mommys from me,too!!


1600!! Wow I remember when you first started this blog and I didn't even know what a "blog" was. lol:) You all have done a wonderful job!!!! (Yes I know I put lots of !!! in there. :))
My mom...I am so very thankful that she is still here . She is 72 and very active and fun to be with. She has taught me so much it is hard to narrow it down into a few words. First of all she taught me to give of myself to others by her example. She is never too busy or tired to help meand she always listens,laughs and cries with me. I have learned so much about being organized and frugal by her example. So many skills were learned by her diligent example (sewing, cooking, gardening). Most of all she loves the Lord, her husband and family so much. She is truely a woman of God, a Proverbs 31 woman for sure!

Delores Barnad

My mother was a woman of God. She enjoyed playing the piano at church for services. She also read the bible from cover to cover and prayed quite frequently.


Ah, what a great selection of items for your giveaway! :-) My mother is a Godly womand. She writes a lot of letters to many different people and the Lord is using her work in this to encourage many. She demonstrates (among other things!) the ability to be flexible in her schedule and doesn't get upset when things change, as they often can in a big family! I appreciate her faithful service as a mother to me and all my siblings.

Melissa Nichols

What a beautiful basket you ladies have put together. There are so many nice things I could say about my mom, that it's hard to choose. She is a special friend to me, and it's so nice that we can share our faith together. It's a language that not every family member can speak to one another, and I know when I share from my heart, she really gets it. That is such a blessing :o)


Oh! What a SWEET giveaway!! If I win I will give this gift to my Mom -- she is the sweetest ever ... of course I am biased! ;) Mom never ever left us with babysitters but she quit her teaching job when I was born and spent all her time with us kids! Not only is she a full-time Pastor's Wife but she also homeschooled us and taught us not just the "academics" but the things of the LORD most of all !!!! I have been SO blessed!!!

Happy Mother's Day to you all!


I can't believe I nearly missed seeing this post! Now that I have seen it, I hurried up to leave a comment so that my name is in the drawing. :)


What a fun giveaway!!! My Mom is a wonderful cook & I always appreciated delicious made-from-scratch meals growing up! Enter me in the drawing, please! :-)

Abigail E.

Nice idea!

Well, my Mom is a very thoughtful lady. She remembers so many things that people like and often brings home a treat for them. :-) She is also longsuffering, kind, forgiving, generous, and the list could go on. I'm very thankful for a godly mother who takes the Christian life seriously and passes on biblical teaching to her children and others.

The Hochstetlers Five

Hello Girotti ladies,
The requirement to write something nice about my mother has a been a good stimulant for contemplative thought. I don't think often enough about the specific ways that my mother has been and still is a blessing to me. When my siblings and I were growing up, it was wonderful to have our mother home, when so many children we went to school with were latchkey kids. Mom did a wonderful job helping me with school subjects that I struggled in, projects, etc. When I was in high school, we moved to a new town and I had a difficult time adjusting. My mom used to come meet me at school during the lunch hour to offer some encouragement and TLC. I know that my mom's example has had a direct influence on my love for home and desire to home educate my children. I am thankful to the Lord for a loving Christian mother!


I really apprieciate my moms patience with me as I learn my school,& she makes the BEST food in the world. I really love my mom & I sincerelly hope that I'll be just like her someday.


Fun, fun!! (You know how I love contests! :)) My mom is the one person in the world that I tell anything and everything to. :)

Happy early Mother's Day!


What a lovely idea, I recently started following your blog and love the updates!
My mom is so supportive, I have fibromyalgia and she has been with me to all the doctors appointments, hospital stays, treatments, etc. She never took no for an answer and fought for a diagnosis for me. I love her so much!
Happy Early Mother's Day to all of you!


I would like to enter your basket give a way. My mom is gone now but she always did so much for her 6 kids.


Okay I hope I am not to late to enter.. : )

I would love to enter...Let's see..My Mother would always tell people when she would give to help them ( Money wise )..That it is written on ice...

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