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Monday, May 02, 2011



Such a shame that it wasn't properly publicised and few sales were made. Your stalls all look wonderful, though.


What a disappointment after all that work. Sounds like the show organizer needed some help with publicity.
Your stalls were so nice, I hope you will get to a bigger craft show next time and have lots of sales.



I'm sorry it didn't go very well! I hope you can get into a craft show that is well-advertised and attended. I think your items would sell very well if that was the case!


Oh, how disappointing! Everything was arranged in such an appealing way! Have you ever thought about doing Dayton Days in October? I think your items would sell very successfully there.


Be encouraged girls! Some markets can be slow, we've been there and done that. Chin up!


Aww Deb, :( What a shame..all that work. BUT now they both have lots of things ready for web sales and maybe a future more publisized craft show,(especially now that summer is close and Hannah will be BUSY in the garden. :)) Their displays were beautiful.

Stephanie in MI; AKA Mama Pea

Oh my goodness, what a shame! Your booth was so beautiful! I definitely would have been by to shop and purchase! Shoot! Don't despair. I hope you do another!


What a disappointment! I was hoping the craft show would be a great success for both of them. Maybe they could try the one in the fall; sounds like it's better attended. I bet this one would have done better with some signs and advertising. By the way, both their displays look great!

Linda Murphy

If I was at the show, I would've have bought something from your booth. How disappointing. I guess you can mark it up as a practice show.


Sorry that happened to you.Our Ladies Auxiliary planned sale that was 10 different vendors and we had a small showing also.

Hopefully next time for everyone.


Your crafts and displays are amazing! People missed out on some very special things!

Sherrin Drew

Oh dear, it is so hard when hopes don't come to fruition!! Maybe you can count it as practice, one step closer to a successful show.

Melissa Nichols

The displays looked beautiful! Craft shows can be hit or miss though. It can be a disappointment when your hopes are high, and the turnout is poor.

Abigail E.

I'm sorry the craft show sales were so disappointing! It's unfortunate that it was not better advertised. Your display was lovely! It showed thought and effort--very nicely put together! I hope your next craft show is much more successful. :-)


I am so sorry. I was wondering about you mentioning this as Apple Days since I have always went to that in the fall. My aunt always has a booth at it. Your booth is super! I hope you all will try again. I have done many craft shows and they are fun.


I was hoping that since the weather was so beautiful on Sat. that the craft show would be a success. I know here in Richmond right before Christmas there are loads of church bazaars and craft shows held at schools and they seem to be very well attended. I'm so sorry you didn't do as well as you hoped to do but just think of the wonderful memories that you made together! What a blessing to be able to be with your grandmother.

Lisa Spivey

Hi Deb!
I hope they will participate in another craft show and try to look at this one as 'practice'. What beautiful eye-catching displays for their products. At least all realize it was a 'people (as in not-enough-turnout)' problem and not a 'product' problem. Wishing all better success in the future.


I have learned that the Lord has something for me to learn in ALL business ventures ( good or bad )..He is growing and honing my skills..Each time He makes me more wise..And I thank Him for every opportunity He gives me to Grow in the gift that He has seen fit to bless me with...I count it ALL joy...And an opportunity to Glorify and be a witness to those around me...That my sucsess is not in the approval of man but in being obediant to His call..
May the Lord guide your path as you take steps out to grow your business...

Blessings to you and your family


I had to play a little blog catch up, seems I have missed a lot in the past few weeks. Sorry the fair didn't go as well as you had thought it might. Your booth looked great and was decorated like a cottage shop. Wish we had been there I would have for sure purchased one of Granny's baskets. There are a few things in life that I seem have a fancy for and baskets is one of them. I hope each of you are doing well and enjoying spring. glad to have caught up on your family. Hope ya'll have a blessed weekend!


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