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Tuesday, May 17, 2011




If you ever run out of room to plant flowers in your yard, you are more than welcome to come and plant in mine. :) Your yard is gorgeous, and I love those irises!


Lisa Spivey

Hi Deb,
Your flowers are simply beautiful. I bet your driveway is so pretty to drive up and I love your variegated clematis' color.
Could those yellow flowers be "coreopsis"? I've got some coreopsis in my front island and it looks similar though hard to tell. Now I'll look closer at it next time I'm out!!
Thank you for sharing your flower photos with us.

Becca @ Beccas Southern Garden

Beautiful clematis, iris and peony. I would paint the post yellow to match the one yellow one there.


How fun to stand back and see all these blooms in your yard! You have done a great job! Thanks for sharing! paula from Idaho


Your garden looks so beautiful! Love all your blooms. You have taken some great photos. Jean


wow! you have so much "pretty" in your yard already!


Now I know where the sun went. :)


Thank you for the inspiration...I was on the way out the door to mulch one of my flower gardens but thought I'd read your blog first. Glad I did! As usual, I love all the flowers and especially the neatness of your gardens. Soothing to my soul. Thanks for all your hard work.


Hi Deb, It's always great to find another gardener! Love your peonies! I can't wait until mine bloom. Thanks for visiitng my blog and leaving such nice comments.


Gorgeous flowers.Looks like a picture from a magazine.Enjoy all of the beauty.


Deb, all the flowers are just beautiful! Your peonies are especially beautiful. I haven't planted mine yet. C and A gave me one for Mother's Day, still trying to decide where to put it. Well the voles have eaten my verbena now! I just can't seem to get those critters to leave my yard! LOL


WOW, I can almost smell the aroma of spring from the flower pictures.

madame samm

what a beautiful blog glad you left a where is your follower button.?
and your white garden gate..I just love that..


How beautiful! Thank you Deb! We have few flowers in our garden now in autumn but across the world all is blooming.

Melissa Nichols

Beautiful flowers. You ladies are so diligent, and your rewards are apparent. I always love seeing your bell. One of these days, I may splurge and order one from Lehman's. Still hoping I may find one at a tag sale for much less money though ;o)


Your flowers are so beautiful! I don't have a green thumb, but after 6 months of Alaskan winter, I am loving our green. I'm inspired, but also realistic about my abilities. . .

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