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Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Lovely blossoms throughout your garden ,love the gooseneck loosestrife.. I think your purple flower is another type of loosestrife ..


Beautiful flowers here. I love the gooseneck! I also love your unknown!!


Visiting from Bloomin' Tuesday. Your flowers are lovely and your garden looks so lush and beautiful!


They are all so pretty! Love the hydrangeas!


Your garden is beautiful. You have so many different and interesting types. Thanks for visiting me. I am a new follower as I am a new gardner and trying to learn. Ginger :)


I am trying to follow but I can't quite figure how to do so. Ginger :)

Kathryn Duke

Beautiful, beautiful....our rain in eastern NC is so low...I need to water but keep hoping for rain...and your pretty white picket fence reminds me that we need to paint ours!!


Love the feverfew. Your flower beds look so beautiful!


Raw Thoughts And Feelings

I have feverfew in my backyard too without planting them. They grow wherever they want and have such beautiful flowers.

Your garden is lovely!

Corner Garden Sue

Hi Deb,
Thanks for your comment on my Bloomin' Tuesday post. I think your mystery plant may be purple loosestrife. It's illegal to grow it in Nebraska because the seeds get into the sewers and end up around bodies of water, where they grow and crowd out the native plants. I love the plant, and would be willing to deadhead it, but the person I talked to about it said I had to get rid of it. If you find out that' what it is, be sure to deadhead it if you are allowed to grow it. The plant that I was talking about what in a flower bed I take care of at church. It had been there a number of years, and did not reseed there, or even spread by roots.

Oh, and I have gooseneck loosestrife in a tub, hoping it lives over the winter. I don't have room for it to grow in the ground. I love your stand of it! Your other blooms are pretty, too.

What zone are you in?

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