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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Laura Wright

Lovely splash of green on a very grey Aussie day!


I see I'm following another Aussie! Your vegie garden is doing well Hannah, you must be very pleased. Not much is growing in mine this cold July -- a little kale, a little lettuce and a couple of oranges.


We don't garden but I do love the results from home gardens, nothing tastes as good as fresh home-grown veggies. Makes me hungry for green beans, potatoes, corn on the cob, and all the rest. Your garden is beautiful!

Emily H.

Your garden looks very nice, Hannah! I know it takes a LOT of care to keep it looking that way! Does the clothesline really work for keeping the deer away? We'd like to find something that'll keep the coons away. ;) We're getting lots of squash and tomatoes from our garden. Yesterday I canned spaghetti sauce and tomato soup, and today I'm in the process of canning crushed tomatoes.


Love your garden! Wish I had more room to work with. Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading your posts. ~ Ellen

Bella's Rose Cottage

Hi Deb,
Your veggie garden looks wonderful! See that heat is good for something :-) My veggie garden is looking sad.... Mmmm Okra, it's hard to grow here and rare to find in the store, lucky you!


Laura and Rose,
Likewise, I enjoy looking at Aussie gardens during our winter! The oranges sound nice.

Thanks, Connie. I'm thankful we have the space for a garden; we love the results, too. We're looking for fresh corn-on-the-cob soon!

Emily, thank you. It sounds like your garden, and you, have been very productive. Yes, the clothesline (2 rows about 2' apart above the fencing)seems to be working so far. I can imagine deterring coons would be hard.

Ellen and Bella,
Welcome to our blog; thanks for your comments.


Wow! Your garden is amazing. I can tell it's a huge labor of love. And the picket fence around the garden is darling. I've always wanted to do that around my little veg/cutting garden. Maybe some day . . .

Thanks for sharing, and also thanks for stopping by and "visiting" my garden and leaving a nice comment.

Have a fabulous weekend.


I loved reading this post. I was waiting for it from the time you mentioned it in another post!! It is so lovely to see all the things you are growing and the way you have it laid out so beautifully.


I am in awe of your garden. Hopefully one day I too will have one like it, for now I see how much I can grow out of pots (more than you might think).
Happy growing (and eating)

Elizaveta Kramer

I do not own a garden but, I am helping my grandmother decorate and take care of her plants during weekends. Gardening is a really fun activity. It’s awe-inspiring to watch the plants and vegetables grow lively and fresh. I’m sure you feel the same with your incredible crops. You have a beautiful garden, Hannah and the way you made your plants grow are impressive. Thumbs up!

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