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Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Congrats on 31 years!
The trip looks great. I'm so with you about a 17 mile bike ride (which probably makes no sense since I'm gladly do a 17 mile).
You mentioned being shuttled to the top... Does this at least mean most of the ride was downhill?


Congratulations on your anniversary! Abingdon is such a wonderful place. We need to make it to the fiddler convention for one of the days!


Happy Anniversary!!!

What a wonderful trip, sounds like a very special time. It also sounds as though you packed a lot into your trip. We know some families who ride the Virginia Creeper each fall. Way to go on riding it, 17 miles makes me tired and sore thinking about it. I'm sure great memories were made:)



Loved this post Deb! Couldn't wait to see pictures and hear some about the trip. How fun that you guys rented bikes! I didn't know you could actually visit Sheffey's place...that would be a very fun trip. Maybe next year we can go there and NOT do all the Civil War stuff :) (Just kidding Fred, if you read this! LOL) Now you need to tell us ALL about the quilt shops and the antique places and the neato out-of-the-way eating places!!

Leslie from Virginia

Happy Anniversary!, I so wanted to see that picture of you on the trike!!! :)

I am so thrilled your knee was able to do the biking! That is wonderful!


Looks like it was a fun relaxing time.

31 years sounds so much like a life time ago.


What a lovely sounding trip and happy anniversary to you and Tom. What an excellent solution a trike is, who'd have thought ..


So glad you got away for a bit.
It's a good thing, yes?

Jenny Ho

Hi Deb,
I enjoyed reading this post very much. You all were in the Scherer's backyard; they just moved out to the country between Bristol and Abingdon, right on the Holston River. Happy Anniversary, and we look forward to our next meeting with you family.

Jonathan Girotti

To all inquiring: I think I can get access to the picture of Mom on the trike. Please send me cookies and I will email you the picture.


Jonathan, you may get cookies by mail but the question is whether you will ever get them at home again? :)
Happy Anniversary Tom & Deb. What a fun get-away.



It looks like you had a great time! What lovely scenery!!
Happy Anniversary!

Love, Heather


Jonathan! You would stoop that low for a few sweet morsals! LOL...I Know you could get lots of yummy cookies at home if you promised never to show the picture..and keep peace in the family as well! LOL :)


yay, anniversary! i rode the Creeper trail once with my youth group (years ago). it was fun, and thankfully ALL downhill!


Hey there Deb! I'm glad you two had such a good anniversary together. I missed seeing you at M's shower but enjoyed talking with the girls. It is always good to see them and you. Hope to see you new address is 422 Ridge Creek Dr. Taylorsville, NC 28681
Don't want to miss your Christmas card :) Blessings~Julie

Vicki boster

Hi Deb- what a wonderful post. Happy 31 years- what an achievement!! I have always wanted to go to Abingdon- want to go to the theater there- your trip looks so fabulous. I would have loved the hiking and biking- ( adult trike- haha- now that's a picture worth a million words!!)

I've really enjoyed this precious story- you are both so blessed--

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