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Tuesday, August 23, 2011



It all looks delicious and so interesting Hannah! Several weeks ago, Sandy was given some milk from a friend who has her own cow. She made a cheese but I can't remember what it was. We tasted it and it was really good. I'll have to tell her to read this post. I would have loved to be there with you all.


Brilliant photos Hannah!

I did a cheese making course about 18 months ago where I learned to make ricotta, mascarpone and feta. You have inspired me to dig out my notes!

Your pizza looks lovely, the best pizzas are really the simplest as the Italian people actually make them.


I enjoyed this post so much. The first thing we noticed in the first picture was fabric of one of the girls' and white checkered with cherries. I used that same fabric to sew dresses for all 5 daughters! Funny what we notice.

My daughter used to make lots of cheese for us using pimentos, raw cashews, etc. There is nothing quite like homemade. We, too, made the grape cherry well as the roasted tomato sauce. Both were delicious!

Thanks again for the inspiration!


Wow! Everything looks delicious, especially that pizza! I've never even thought of making my own cheese, although I have considered trying to make butter. Nice, fresh food - love it!


Neat! That sounds like so much fun. And so tasty.


I would have enjoyed dining with you that night! :-)


Never have tried this.
We have a small cheese factory close by... for the times when we have the hankerin' for cheese curd.
All your photos look YUMMY, Hannah!


Very interesting post, thank you, and the photos are really good, I have never seen curd up close, only recently I even knew what it was, boy I did not know I was so dumb, but proof in the pudding ya know, lol enjoy your blog, stopped by from a Joyous home and will be back, going to add you to my favs side too, have a blessed day, Barbara


Good to hear from you, Mrs. O, Rose,Kathie, Susan, Carrie, Mrs. H, Dawn, and Barbara. Interesting to hear your varied efforts with cheese. I certainly had a good time learning and experimenting.


Wonderful to see such industry!

Vicki boster

Hi Hannah- this looks like it was such a lot of fun. The photos are just great! I don't see myself ever making cheese- lol!- but I would have so loved the day at the dairy!

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