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Monday, August 01, 2011



I'm so glad to hear it went well at this craft show. The booth was arranged really cute. Hope the upcoming crafts shows are a great success too.



Good to hear that the day was a success.I hope your soap held well in the hot weather.At the Farmers Market the soap people were not there on the 23 and had limited items out this past Saturday.All due to the hot weather.


What a lovely summer day! I'm glad to hear that Hannah's soaps sold well.


I wish I could have been there to enjoy your goodies!


Your booth looks great!


I'm sorry the baskets didn't do as well, but so glad the soaps sold well! I hope the other craft shows turn out well for both of you!


Looks like a very nice craft show. Your booth was lovely!

Stephanie in MI

I am so glad the day was better for you this time around! Seems like the last craft show I saw you report on was less than you had hoped for. Granny's baskets are awesome, and I'd buy a lot of soap if I was there. I always do at craft fairs. I'll have to just order sometime! :-)

Sorry I haven't been by in a while. The summer has been a little out-of-control busy for me!

Lisa Spivey

Hi Deb!
What a neat, fun day! I'm so glad Hannah's soaps did well. Your booth looks quite eye-catching with the creative ways ya'll arranged your goods.

BTW, I absolutely LOVE the basket we purchased from Granny! It is so beautiful holding our magazines near our fireplace. And Hannah's soaps we ordered are so pretty and smell-so-good...none of us can bring ourselves to actually 'use' them!


Thanks, Victoria, Tammy, Rose, Carrie, Diane, Susan, Becka, Stephanie, and Lisa for stopping by our booth to chat via the blog! ;)

It was a full, fun day and I was grateful to have the help and company of the family. Only we were missing Granny of course, not to mention her salesmanship!

Thought I'd mention the August deal I'm having over at my blog if anyone is interested:


What a gorgeous place for a craft show!

Way back when I was doing craft shows (Christopher was a preschooler), I found the closer the show was to Christmas, the better the sales.

People seem to give themselves permission not only to buy gifts for others, but something they like. :)

I found I sold a lot of small items at this time, too, as people were also thinking of stocking stuffers.


So neat, I went swimming there on Tuesday. Just a few days earlier and I would have got to see you!


Fantastic to see!


glad ya'll got to a better attended craft show! don't be discouraged by low basket sales; sometimes finding the right show for a certain product (including the price range of the product) takes time. it certainly took me some time with the things i weave, so hang in there. the booth looked lovely!

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