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Sunday, August 28, 2011



So glad y'all are safe! Praying that your husband will be back home soon!
Love, Heather


So sorry to hear that Tom ended up having to go out there...We will continue to keep him in our prayers along with your family...Happy to hear that the weather and conditions are well for you...
Praying for a Safe and Speedy return...
Have a blessed week.


We're heading for Virginia in a couple of weeks so we kept praying for the STATE but especially that Williamsburg won't be washed away by flooding.

Our daughter and son-in-law are paying all expenses for us to meet them there for a week's vacation. Kind of a lot of money for babysitters so they can go out one night, don't you think. ;)

She has already made reservations for just the two of us to go to a special restaurant there but she's also looking into places that serve tea time so the little girls could join us.

Hoping to get started on a rag quilt for not-so-baby Anna when we return (the one that is in the West Ladies' sewing DVD).


Deb I'm so glad to read that all is well with all of you. We have been listening to the news and I pulled out a map to try to ascertain whether you would be directly affected but couldn't be sure.

Hope all goes well for Tom.



Glad to hear your are all safe. Praise God for men like Tom who work all hours to get the electricity back on. My brother and his family were directly in the path of the hurricane when it made landfall in NC. Last we heard, they are all okay.
We actually felt the earthquake all the way down here (just a little bit of shaking). We'll be praying that Tom will be back home soon.




Richmond was hit pretty hard. My husband had to go to work at 4:30 p.m. Sat. and our power went out at 4:45 p.m. My husband didn't get home until 9 a.m. Sun. morning so I was by myself and in the dark while Irene was outside knocking at my door. Our power finally came on Sun. night at 7p.m. Our phone finally started working today (Monday 8/29). There are still so many people without power. Many of the stores, gas stations, fast food places, etc. are closed because there is no power. Even WalMart is closed! The weather guys say there are two other storms out in the Atlantic. Thank you God that we are not hurt. A few houses down from us a big oak tree fell right down the middle of the house. The people are okay but I'm not sure they can fix the house.

Mary Lou

Thanks to Tom and all the power company people who sacrificially help where they are needed. Here in Connecticut we saw lots of trucks from Missouri, and we were just praising and thanking God for them. We got our power back last night. Thank you, Jesus.

Vicki boster

Hi Deb- I'm glad to read that your family is all well- although I know you hate having Tom away on his job. We have had such crazy weather- we returned from our travels to find trees downed in our yard.

I'm so glad to finally be able to visit your blog- I have been away far too long--

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