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Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Glad you got your "fifteen minutes of fame" and very glad to see you blogging again!



Oh we have been thinking and praying for you guys...Between Computer Crashes and Quilt shows...I have been sewing up a storm..A quilt shop owner asked For me to make things for a show...Fun...but a lot of work.. : ) I am so happy to hear Tom is back home safe as well as hearing about your moment of Fame.. : ) All VERY exciting things...
Have a Blessed Week..


How fun!! My brother and his wife had a baby on Leap Day, and they were in the paper. :o)c


And to think I knew you before you were all famous. ;)


Deb, you are amazing! Only you could manage such a treat :) Thanks for sharing your moments of fame!

Leslie from Virginia

I can just visualize your little hand going up and saying, "We do!" I love it!!


Watched it! How fun to actually see my blog friend! Wow, what a lot of damage that hurricane caused you all. Hope all is well with all of you guys.


It is fun to have a minute of fame!

Hope all is well with you guys.


I loved watching the video. I only wish that I could have heard you and your kids speak, since I only know you through your blog. I've always wondered if you have a Southern accent...of course, to you, I'm sure you sound normal! :)


Hi Cathy! You can actually hear all of our voices on a post we wrote back in January 2007. Here's the link:

And, you tell I sound Southern?? You're right...I sound normal. :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep

When I see a camera, I run...far, far the other direction! =D


Omigoodnessgracious! I listened to the recording from 2007 (I've been reading since 2008), and I. Could. Not. believe it. Deb, you have a very, very strong Southern accent. Since your husband spoke first, I figured that your family lived in a part of VA where folks don't speak w/a soutern accent. But when you spoke, oh my! None of the others have it, but you do for sure. Good to hear your's always nice to connect a voice to a face. Thanks for the link.

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