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Thursday, November 03, 2011



And I remember a conference last spring where I got to meet a very sweet family named the Girottis. Glad to see you got to catch up with so many folks. What a wonderful time.



How fun, I would so love to meet Mrs. U! :)


Gospel-Centered Marriages seems like it would be of interest to many.

Didn't realize it had been 4 years since the Haydens were at your house.I guess they were less one with Caleb being married.

Neat that you met people from the blog world!


We enjoyed seeing you too! Thanks for the pictures:)



I am sooo jealous that you met up with Shari and the Yucks! ;o) I have been in a small email group with them for the last couple of years. They are sweet, godly women!!!

We wanted to go so badly, but we are so far away. Sigh! ;o)

I have heard it was a fantastic conference. Looking forward to hearing the sessions!


The Bryants


We enjoyed seeing your pictures from last week's NCFIC conference; thank you for sharing. We know of your family through mutual friends (and recognize many familiar faces here in your post :) but unfortunately did not meet you at the conference last week! Your family did a fantastic job of capturing your entire week at the conference. Maybe in the future our paths will cross.

God bless! 1 Peter 5:10


Wow Deb- you have fun every where! This looks like a wonderful gathering of friends and " new friends". 2200 people- now that's impressive. I loved seeing the pictures- your daughters look so beautiful-- you always take a great picture. I can tell tgat you had a wonderful visit!

Leigha Wood

Hello dear friends,

We are so glad that you got to meet our precious friends the Pope's...I know you had a blessed time together and sweet fellowship...we miss you all so much!!

Leigha for the Woods


Hey that is my oldest daughter Jordan that is in the second picture down in the purple shirt standing next to My son in law Caleb Yuck. It is a small world.


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