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Tuesday, December 20, 2011



We had this discussion for YEARS after we were first married. My family always had multi-colored lights but my husband preferred all white.

I finally settled on all white but insisted on a variety of Christmas ornaments.

My husband is rather severely ADHD and the white calms him... anything to calm him! :)


LOL I love how biased the poll is!


I agree with the other Tammy!

Merry Christmas!


We compromise and use white lights on the tree and colored lights outside. Have you ever done political polling? :)



What? I am the only one that likes random? Well, I like solid color trees, as long as they are not white.

Linda in the Evergreen State

Although your poll is biased, the correct answer IS "multi-colored".

Trees used to be decorated with candles which would fix the onlookers gaze upon them by their flickering. White Lighters must be trying to mimick the candles but what they are missing is that when the flames flicker, multiple colors are produced.

My children say the same, multi-colored lights are cheery and Christmasy and white lights are boring. Unfortunately, my computer can only vote once, so 8 more votes needed to be added to the "Multi-Colored" option.

What a fun blog post! :)

Kathy W.

For those of us who are indecisive and like ALL the lights, there should have been another option in the poll - ALL of the above!!!
Blessing to all Girotti's and may the best "color" win!!


Well, this debate has gone on in our house for many years. When I was growing up, we had colored lights--the large REALLY, REALLY tacky bulbs. Finally, my dad's heart grew soft and he let us have white lights (he was outvoted 4:1) :). Now, my mom feels a little sorry for him, so, she puts small, multi-colored lights on their small Christmas tree in "The Gathering Room." But, the living room tree and outdoors are all white lights. So pretty! :)

Jonathan Girotti

My side is winning, Sar. :) :)

Go white!!!!


LOL! Sarah, you would probably love our tree this year. My husband went and bought us a new one - without me - because our old one didn't fit in our apartment. He came home with a RETRO tree with the LED version of those old, huge, multi-colored lights that used to be so popular. My first thought was to cry; I hated those lights when I was a little girl! Now that it's decorated, it's fine, but I sure thought it was ugly when he brought it home! LOL

Linda in the Evergreen State

Jonathan, You forgot to add 8 votes to the multi-colored for our 8 children. Unless the rules say one vote per family. You know how some people can be, making new rules half way through a game.... :) That would make it: Multi-colored = 16, White = 11.

Chris O'Dorisio

Definitely WHITE!!!! :) And since we have LOTS of people in our family can we count ALL of their votes too??? :) That would make it 12 votes for white. Now who is ahead?! :) Great post. :) Merry Christmas to all.


OK... the three in our family vote for multi-colored, Sarah. I, too, tried to vote for all of us, but the poll would take only one vote. I hope you're keeping this tally accurately. Go Colored!!!! :)


Sorry, Deb. We are an all white household. Always have been.
Yup! We are boring and love it that way!!

Linda in the Evergreen State

Looks like white has an edge on multi-colored. When does the polling close? This is too funny. :)


What a fun post! In our home, I prefer both. I use a power strip and it's easy to pull out the colors or the whites. I usually prefer both whites and colors during the day but pull out the colors for night time. It must be a big deal because one time a neighbor stopped by and asked what happened to all the colors! (Our tree sits in front of our living room window.)

I also have noticed that Virginians tend to use all white a lot...whereas in San Diego I never once saw all white. Interesting.

Merry Christmas!

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