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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Stephanie in Mi

That is wonderful! WE have always heard that Turkish coffee grinders make the best pepper mills (like these: So, I got my hubby one for Christmas one year (he's the cook in the family). We still use it. We love it!

(Ours is not from that particular website. I just googled it to find a good example to show you. I don't know anything about this particular one or this company.)

Amy, a redeemed sheep

When my older kids were little, they would ask for "dirt" on their mac and cheese. The dirt was pepper, of course. I had forgotten that until I read your post. =)


LOL. When I saw your headline, I thought you were talking about your dog. :)
Hope you find a good pepper mill.


Kendra Sheard

I absolutely love freshly ground pepper--in fact, I use it almost exclusively. Even when I'm cooking or making a recipe, I don't measure out black pepper, I get my pepper mill of the counter and add the freshly ground stuff. Yum!! My pepper mill is a Pfaltgraff mill that matches my dishes. I don't know of a specific brand, but, my recommendation based on experience is: don't necessarily go for the cheapest one you find. I think next time, I would go to a kitchen store and buy a nicer and little more expensive pepper mill. Happy shopping...and enjoy the amazing flavor of your Monarch freshly ground black pepper! :)


Can't help you with buying a pepper mill.Love the story and how generous of the Fatz family to send you some.Enjoy.


Hi Deb, that is so lovely .... what a nice gesture - he was obviously pleased that you had enjoyed your meal but also were so interested in, and appreciated good pepper corns. Something like that really makes your day doesn't it? Just as you have made MY day with your comment (it really did work!) on my blog about my Recipe in Season book idea.
May you have a blessed Lord's day,
Val xx Berkshire UK

Jenny Ho

Hi Deb,

Our family also loves a liberal dose of fresh ground pepper. I second the suggestion of finding a good kitchen store. Byers Street Houseware in Staunton is no longer in business, but you might try The Happy Cook in Cville. Or perhaps Williams-Sonoma. Hburg might have a good store as well, but I am not familiar with their offerings. Happy shopping...


Hi Deb-- funny you should tell this story- we ate at our first Fatz restaurant a few weeks ago while traveling- and loved it. That's a great customer service story! We bought our pepper grinder at Williams Sonoma- and love it.

I hope you are having a nice winter and that sweet Granny is doing well in the south--


I also use a pepper mill all the time, but just buy the pepper corns in a mill at the store. I got my dad and father-in-law pepper grinders for Christmas, from Amazon.

Lisa Spivey

Hi Deb ~ what a great post about Fatz Cafe's customer appreciation. We LOVE fresh ground pepper here too and I usually buy the mixed peppercorns.... black, green, red, well as the black peppercorns. Have not tried Monarch brand before, so let us know if you're able to find it later to purchase. Our pepper grinder came from Wal-Mart and was not expensive. Hope you enjoy your fresh ground pepper....and it will probably taste even better thanks to Fatz Cafe's generous gesture! Good post! PS I thought you were writing about your dog at first too!

Larry Cunningham

Dear Pepper Lover,

My name is Larry Cunningham. My brother-in-law, Pierre had the same thing to happen. We had some of the pepper at Demo's. We want to by a container of it and cannot find it. It is the same bottle mentioned above. "Monarch whole black pepper ". Can someone please tell us where we can purchase a bottle. Sincerely
Larry Cunningham.

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