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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Aunt Bet

Beautiful, Hannah. It all sounds delicious except for the corn in that chowder! ;-) I know I'm in the minority there. Would have loved to taste the dessert--so clever. And the strawberry butter. Yum!


What a beautiful table setting and the food looks delicious! I love the apron and the camera strap. I can't think of a better way to show your family that you love them than making a beautiful dinner. You are such a blessing.


You look so pretty in your vintage apron, Hannah! Glad you like it. You look perfect for Valentine's Day!!


Yum! And I love to see that the camera strap is being used! :)


Looks yummy!I like your apron and pink glassware.Caesar salad is favorite at our house.

We celebrated Ferris Wheel Day!

Michele Hope

What a wonderful dinner you created Hannah! Our family celebrates Valentine's Day in a similar way. Lauren might be doing a blog post about soon. Please say hello to your dear mother for me.
Mrs. Hope

Stephanie in Mi

Wow! You went all out! Looks great. Love your new apron. Please give my regards to Deb, too. By the way, the soap is awesome. Elsa's skin has been much better since we started using it. No big, red, dry spots! Thank you!



In the top picture Hannah you look like a young version of Granny.


What a "love"ly dinner!! You did a beautiful job and it all sounds DELICIOUS!!! Those pink vintage dishes are so pretty. My mom has a bowl that was my grandmothers that looks like it qwould match your dishes(she found it in my grandmothers garage all dusty and not being used!!) It too is a beautiful dish. Thanks for sharing all the great photos of your Valentine's celebration.


Hannah what a yummy meal. I love the dessert and Granny's glassware made it look so elegant. I'm sure your family was blessed by the meal and the love you put into creating such a special night.

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