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    "So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."

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Thursday, February 09, 2012


Stephanie in Mi

That is so sweet of you. I love that you write on Valentine's Day. The desk is just beautiful!


I spent a year in Africa as a teen and wrote hundreds of letters, I'm sure. I very seldom do anymore, but I should since everyone loves getting mail!

Kathryn Duke

glad someone still writes letters...have to admit that I have gotten too used to instant messaging...


I remember beig the recipient of a few of those Valentines letters..always such a delight to find one in my mailbox! :) You do a really great job and the letters are always fun, informative, sort of conversational and make me smile!! Keep up the great work!!


That reminds me, I have to get a valentine card to send to my sister in St. Louis, I hope it gets there on time. I also have a couple of thank you notes I need to write. I get excited when I get something in the mail other than a bill! I LOVE your "I (heart) purple mug. Purple is my favorite color. I'm going to Google it and see if I can find one for myself.



I'm horrible at letter-writing, but just this morning I was reading about the lost art of writing letters. Maybe I should follow your example?!


Is your address book a ring folder Deb? It's quite intriguing.


Have fun. I noticed the stamp holder!


what a sweet desk! My room mate in school had one similar that we toted around to att 6 different apartments we shared.


Oh my gosh- I just came by to say Hi!- had no idea my little nest had a starring role here! What a beautiful desk- such a treasure- and so happy to see my nest in such a beautiful setting. Makes this little Mama Bird proud--


Kendra Shard

I'm so glad that in this age of technology there are a few people--like yourself--who still write letters. As Susan Branch says, "A letter is forever." I love keeping hand-written cards and letters in my keepsake box and looking back at them later. Speaking of...thank you for my Valentine! It came in the mail today. I love getting mail (other than bills or advertisements)and that Valentine totally made my day. :)


Hi Deb, do you know .... it never fails ..... every time I drop by I am inspired! Here in UK I think people who are "in love" do anything about Valentines day, I think your way is much nicer :0)
My Bella Bag blog is going to close soon, so please add my new address in Blogland to your favourites
we hope to see you there :0)
Have a lovely week,
Val xx Berkshire UK

Leslie from Virginia

Many years ago, you gave me a special friendship Valentine's week.....I have always treasured that memory.
I love the way you are still making others feel special through Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's Day, Deb!


Thanks for your sweet, sweet note. It came today. I hope you and Tom have a wonderful Valentine's Day.



Deb! I was so happy when I went to the mailbox and got your Valentine letter!!!! It was so sweet of you! I love, love, love snail mail, and especially yours. It was as good as getting roses! You always have had a way with words on paper. When I read your mail, I can hear you talking in each word. Thank you so much and hope you and your family have a wonderful Valentine.

Lisa Spivey

Hi Deb ~ what a beautiful desk filled with such sweet treasures.....particularly a family heirloom piece - those are my favorites! Happy Valentine's Day!

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