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Friday, March 09, 2012


Stephanie in MI

That is just awesome! Love your apron. You gals are so entrepreneurial! I need more soaps. Must contact Hannah.

Michelle W.

Love the apron~so cute!
I'll be watching for more updates. :-)

Leslie from Virginia

Go, Sarah, go!!!
I will be looking forward to the updates!


Let me know where the Farmer's Market is and the next time I visit my aunt and uncle in Staunton I will make sure I come see you. I wish you both much success!



I get excited just reading about it! I'm so glad for you both. Love your apron!


Congratulations! Apron is neat.I love pink. Can't wait to read your farmers' market stories during the season.When does it end.The summer/fall one here goes all of the way until the last Saturday in October and starts the same as yours.


Hope your booth is a great success. The apron is adorable!


Kathryn Duke

I know you will do very well and so enjoy spending the time with your daughter!! Really like that PINK apron!!


Sarah-I had heard about your apron, but had not seen it. It is very pretty! I love your little cupcake applique! I wish you the very best at the farmers' market! :)


Sarah and Hannah! I'm so excited for you both with this new venture! Sure wish I was closer so I could partake of your items for sale. I'll be praying for you both. The apron is so cute, Sarah, and the cupcake applique is perfect. :-) Can't wait to hear all about it as the days go by!


Adorable! Best of luck with your booth!

Lisa Spivey

Hi Sarah!
Your apron is perfect! The cupcake applique sets it off beautifully as well as the colors you chose. And how exciting to be a part of your Farmer's Market! It was exciting for me to read your post of all the prep you are doing. I am sure you and your sister will be a success. I just wish logistically we were closer and I could patron your Farmer's Market up there... so be sure to keep us up-to-date through your posts! Good Luck to you and your sister!


Hi Sarah-- good luck to you and Hannah in your newest venture! This is going to be a great experience for you both- I'm betting your booth is a huge success!

You look beautiful in your new apron- I love the colors and the cupcake!

Linda Murphy

So glad to hear you will be in the Staunton's Farmers Market this year!! Your family will be a wonderful addition to the vendors.

Be thankful you are in Virginia. In Washington state if we want to sell baked goods, we need to have an inspected kitchen that is not used for domestic use, everything has to be stainless steel, etc. A very costly adventure and very prohibitive to young entrepreneurs who just want to try selling 3 or 4 cakes each weekend at a farmers market. It's not right. We are jealous at the liberty you have in Virginia in this one area. Be thankful and guard your liberty.

Vote for Ron Paul.

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