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Friday, April 06, 2012


Amy, a redeemed sheep

It's so beautiful I can't stand it!! I have loved that pattern for a long time. You did a fantastic job!

Michelle, a heart at home

The quilt is darling! She's sure to sell out because her booth will be irresistible!


LOVE the cakes and cupcakes! I knew there was a catch to that story. ;-) Beautiful, beautiful quilt!!


Wow! It's so beautiful! Is it to adorn their booth or is it for sale? Sure wish I lived closer so I could come to the market in the morning!


Gorgeous quilt.Brave t take it out to The Farmer's Market.I would be afraid of what could fall on it.

Have a wonderful first day !

Kathryn Duke

the quilt is just adorable and I know it must have been so fun to work on...wish I were close by so I could visit and see your booth!!


Oh, Deb, it's beautiful!!!! Have I mentioned that I LOVE Flower Sugar?! That will be one first-class booth. I'll be praying for your girls tomorrow. You're going at 5:30 too??? Ouch!


Oh my goodness!! Deb! I have looked at that quilt so many times on those blogs and thought "Boy I sure would like to make that quilt!" I can't believe you made it!! It is soooo cute and I love all the details and the cute CUTE boarder! I must see that in person! I am guessing you will use it for Sarah's display at the market? What a sweet mama you are! OK...bring it when we meet for lunch. :) (Thats another one for my LONG to-do list! :))


AGH!!! I read the post so fast and drooled over all the pictures that now once I slowed down to really read it all I see that you ARE using it for Sarah's booth! I, like Amy, have looked at Lori's blog featuring that quilt and just loved it! How exciting that you made it! Hugs to you !!! :) I hope you get it all layered and quilted!!


How yum in every way! Good luck girls!


SO-oooooooo cute. Ya' know, I wondered if there was a different cake than I first thought after I read your reply.......
I would buy these too tho!
Happy Easter, my sweet & dear friend! xo


Went to opening day at the Wake Forest Farmer's Market.Thought of you while there.Hope you had a fun day.


I prayed for your day several times throughout the day, and prayed around 4 AM, figuring the market would be about ready to open. I would love to know how it went.

In the interim, rejoice in the risen Savior, and enjoy your day tomorrow.


This is absolutely adorable!!!!!!


So very pretty!


I love this quilt!

Stephanie in MI

Okay, this is fantastic! I don't even want to hear your self-deprecating remarks about your sewing skills ANY MORE! ;-) You did a great job!


So wonderful! Well done!

A Facebook User

cutest quilt ever!! LOVE it!


THIS is the most amazing quilt ever- its simply gorgeous- what an incredible creation. It's going to look fabulous is Sarah's booth!! You are such a great Mom to do this for her!!



Where can I find this pattern Cakewalk, looked everywhere?


i love all the lil touches; the buttons, the ric-rac. really cute quilt.

Esmeralda Carter

LOVE your cake walk and the cupcakes are amazing!!! I am making a baking quilt and I need that pattern to add some yumminess to mine too. How can I get the pattern Renee sent you, can't seem to get in touch with her?

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