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Wednesday, April 18, 2012



I enjoyed reading about your exploits. The bee population with some beekeepers has been decimated from what I've read, so, hopefully, yours won't meet the same fate. I find the whole adventure fascinating...please continue to update about your odyssey. God is simply amazing with all the attention to detail.

And, I would love to read how the market went last week.


I just read this to my (beautiful) husband, who was also found your post interesting. One it necessary to wear light-colored clothing when handling the bees? And if so, why?

Jonathan Girotti

Bees don't like dark colors or furriness, because they think you are a bear, skunk, badger, or other honey-thieving predator! Hence, the light clothing. I don't know how light is light enough, or how much light is really necessary. The other day I went out with a grey t-shirt and blue jeans with no veil and they didn't bother me or seem agitated.

Thanks for the comment!


Jonathan I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post about this buzzingly adventurous endeaver! :) I laughed out loud several crack me up! I think this is very interesting and I am looking forward to your next post!! Lord willing you all will be eating lots of yummy honey on some delicious homemade bread made by one of the two-legged Girotti busy bees! :)


An admirable and ambitious hobby, or project, and I wish you well. What a learning experience I've had by reading of your adventure.


Jonathan!!! Loved your post! You should do this more often. I'm looking forward to getting me some honey, 'cause I'm a honey eater.



Since Chris is allergic to bees I found this story interesting.One hobby that you won't seen being done at our house.

Have fun this spring and summer with your bees.

Julie trent

Enjoyed reading about the bees...when we get settled here in NC, i want to have some bees. Maybe you could give me some help when i get ready. Tell mom and the girls hello for me :)


I work in the Adult Day Center of a nursing home and I just did a program for my participants on Monday about bees! They are amazing gifts from God. I know there are three kinds of bees in a hive, the Queen, drones and worker bees. Too bad we can't make a road trip to your house to see a bee keeping demonstration. Are you thinking of selling the honey at the market where your sisters are on Saturdays? That would be great. Good luck and keep us posted.

Carolyn Shortt

Jonathan, I loved reading your article obout the bees!!!!!!! It was soooo interesting and sooooo funny!!! I laughed out loud a few times while reading! Can't wait to read the entire "Bees on the Mountain", or "Honey From the Mountain" book that you will write one day....and taste the honey one day when I visit your home again! Keep us posted of future events.



What a "sweet post." Hope the honey starts flowing soon.



Glad to see the new venture! Good luck with them. We have thought about getting some bees, but haven't yet.

Keep up the good work, and hope you will soon be enjoying raw honey straight from the hive!

Michelle, a heart at home

Thank you so much for sharing!
I wondered how the dead queen would be handled.
I've always loved bees and hope to someday have my own hives. In the meantime, I'll enjoy your experiences!


What a great post, Jonathan! I'm excited to read further posts on how the entire operation is going! I would love to do this one exciting.

Lisa Spivey

What an entertaining AND informative post! Thank you so much for sharing your new endeavor with us and looking forward to hearing more. I love the design you chose for the hive at your home. It looks different the the usual ones you see around here. One question... how long do you think it will be before you will be able to harvest honey? This season? Good Luck!

Jonathan Girotti

Mrs. Spivey,

I'm expecting to have some honey around July-ish. It won't be a lot, as the bees are spending all this Spring building their comb instead of converting it to honey.


I would be interested in selling the honey at a farmer's market or other venue--though there are already at least 4+ vendors selling their own honey. ;)

Stephanie in MI

Very cool. I have been wanting to explore beekeeping for years. I will follow your posts with interest and enjoy learning how you like it. Thanks a lot for sharing this!


Oh my gosh- such an amazing new venture!! Good luck with your beekeeping!! Can I be first in line for a jar of honey?!!!!


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