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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Tammy C

Nice to read about your friends at the market. Glad that you are enjoying it.

Stephanie in MI

I'm glad your sales are going well! I love the idea of your tags. As a buyer, that would be helpful to me. How fun to see your friends.


What a wonderful booth you ladies have, wish we lived close enough our family would come by and visit...and purchase a few things!

I have been out of the blog reading loop, so happy I was able to catch up on your family today. It's always a blessing to me to stop by and see the Girotti Family and there happenings.

Blessings to each of you~

Your products look absolutely wonderful! One of my daughters is interested in your soap. I hopped over from the Muncks blog, and then skimmed through and saw the post about bees. We have recently had bees removed from a barn on the farm and I thought you might be interested in the post on Beekeeping at Just go to the sidebar to find it. It was really neat. The cherokee beekeepers even linked to it from their associations' blog; I felt honored.
Keep up the good work, everything is beautiful!
Always Experiencing Him,


Hi, Jody, thanks for commenting! I did find your post on beekeeping and shared it with the rest of the family--how interesting to see your friends' skillful capturing of the bees and all your photos. Thanks for pointing us to it.

If your daughter has any questions about soap, let me know. Has she ever tried making it before?


I'm so glad you enjoyed the post! It was simply amazing to watch!
My daughter is interested in making bar soap but hasn't tried it yet. We do not have a recipe for it. We are making laundry det., dishwasher det., shampoo, and trying a body wash but do not have all the ingredients as of yet. Trying to make things better for us, plus hopefully saving money in the process. We do grind our own wheat and have the most delicious bread. I haven't perfected it yet, but my daughter did. I keep telling them, "what am I going to do when you leave and have a home of your own?" They just can't move far away from the farm. *grin*
Your family's creations are simply beautiful!
Always Experiencing Him,


It was sooooooo fun to surprise you! :-) We love our soap selections and enjoyed the cashew brittle and butter pecan fudge! Your items are so nicely displayed...a treat for any shopper. So thankful for God's blessings during this venture.


Oh how fun!!! I'd love to be one of your regulars :)

So glad you are having great success!

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