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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Michelle, a heart at home

I applaud you for blogging at all! I've tried several times and have finally accepted the fact that I'm not a blogger. :-(
I often think of things I'd like to share or things that would be fun to blog about, but rarely followed through and finally gave up altogether.
I'm happy that you all post at all---so we can see all the neat projects you're working on. (Even the ones that are more like tweets!) :-D
I used to plant annuals, but the weather where I am makes it hard to have flowers if you don't have a sprinkler system (which we don't have). So I enjoy looking at the photos of lovely yards like your own and live vicariously through your posts. :-)


Glad to see a post by you Deb. Love all your flower planting ideas.



What a great photo! I feel like I am there. :)

"Hopefully, my brain can get out of this blogging slump, and I can get back to posting...or some quick tweeting."

We all have blogging slumps. Why not "tweet" a few posts? You could limit them to, what is it? 140 characters? One of the girls will know and they could be giggle to read.


How lovely! I love planting annuals. Are they going to stay on the steps there or be put somewhere else. Your steps look so welcoming and friendly with the plants lined up along the edges.

Best wishes,

Tammy C

Enjoy planting!

Hope the market is coming along.Wake Forest Farmers Market went to a bigger location.


I don't tweet at all, and everyone needs a break from blogging. I plan on taking one as soon as this crazy month of May is over!!!!


So so pretty Deb! I'm very tempted to plant my annuals too - it's so warm up here. But our frost date is not for another week or so. Lovely to hear from you! xo


oh the watering can pots are lovely!! I wish I had some!

Amy, a redeemed sheep

Looks beautiful just like it is!

Stephanie in MI

Looking good! You know where to come when you are done!


Deb- I remember your flower garden from last year--- it was gorgeous!! Happy planting!

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