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Monday, August 20, 2012



Oh, the Market sounds lovely and very enjoyable. Wow to have fall in the air, that is amazing especially when we are still in the low hundreds here. :( So wonderful to hear that Granny is able to be with you and Hannah at some of the events.
Have a blessed week!!

Stephanie in MI

I'm so good it's been profitable for you and a good experience. The weather has been beautiful here, too. I'm a little nervous it means winter's coming fast, though!


Your booth looks so nice. Hope your baked good sales pick up soon. It has been cooler here too - very strange for our area. I hope that doesn't mean winter will come early. I was hoping to get in another round in my garden.


Lisa Spivey

Thank you for the update. I'd been wondering how the market was fairing and hope sales pick up for you as the weather changes. I bet as the holidays approach, people will want your cheesecakes as part of their holiday dinners.


Great update, Sarah! It made me smile as I recalled our surprise visit to your booth earlier this year. I love the picture of your Mom helping! In our neck of the woods we are: preparing to have the house carpeting steam cleaned, the exterior of the house pressure washed, moving around things as Sarah moved back home, preparing for the arrival of Jess's parents from Idaho & getting things organized for a week long trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina where Lee and Jess rented a house for all of us to enjoy together. I would LOVE to have some of your delicious baked goods for our trip!

Tammy C

Sounds like it has been a positive and learning experience.I hope you get the reserved space.

Wake Forest Market is now 2 times a week but not everyone comes on Wednesday.The summer market is every week from April to mid November.Then they have a winter market 2 times a month December-March.Winter one is scaled back but still good.

One cool thing they have is the market open the day before Thanksgiving.Get some good veggies for the holiday.


Oh I always enjoy seeing your booth! What a wonderful way to make money and witness at the same time...along with chatting with customers and making friends. I pray the next 13 weeks are wonderful for you both.

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