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Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Real Amish country! I take it the red lights on the back of the wagon are necessary to meet present day legislation? I'll bet the quilt museum was a thrill.

Tammy C

Looks like it was a fun trip.Quilt museum would have been one of my things to see,Yummy on the candy apples.Glad t see the buggy with caution lights.Always hard to see a buggy at night or n foggy weather.

I worked at an amusement park when I was in high school .One year I had t make candy apples.I burned myself and had 3rd degree burn on my right hand,I have a scare on right hand ring finger and a brown spot on top of the hand.

Lisa Spivey

What a glorious way to spend your anniversary! Even the name 'Bird in Hand' is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing. Your photos are beautiful.
PS I love candy apples too!


Looks like you have a really lovely trip! Oh, and I would LOVE to see caramel and/or candy apples at a farmer's market!!

Kendra Sheard

It looks like you had a wonderful trip! Those caramel apples looked amazing!!!

Stephanie in MI

What a lovely trip that looks like. Way cool. Looks like a place I would enjoy visiting. Candy apples with nuts are my weakness!

sharon Baksa

Hi there! My family visits Bird-in-Hand every summer. This year we went to see Jonah also! Both my 9 year old and 6 year old loved it! I love that farmers market, such variety. I am glad you had an nice trip.


Looks like a great trip!

Melissa N

I love this area! Many of your photos look familiar, as if I took them. I have a quilt from that country store from a few years back, and 2 others from a mennonite lady on the same road. I wanted so much to get down to see Jonah this year. The poster is still hanging in my kitchen even though it's looking like it won't happen. We've seen Daniel, Behold the Lamb, and Joseph. All were wonderful! Some very special family memories have been made there. We love the Good 'n Plenty too, did you eat there?


My parents live not-too-far from Amish country. I always love to go there. Everything feels so wholesome. And tastes wholesome. :o)


Happy Anniversary! I've read several Amish Chirstian fiction books and all write about homemade root beer. I've always wanted to try was it?


I missed the big date - happy happy anniversary to you both!! And what a perfect spot to enjoy your anniversary milestone. I can just imagine you with all those quilts!! Roger and I toured there a few years ago and loved it. His sister lives near Philly and it's one of her family's favourite get-away spots.

So happy you had a wonderful trip!

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