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Monday, September 03, 2012



Great idea Sarah! One of our DIL puts the chalk board paint on old silver trays she finds at the thrift store (Leaving a nice silver edge as an accent)and uses it as a decoration . She ususally puts a Bible verse on it or "Welcome" or "Happy Fall" etc... you get the idea. Anyway, great idea..hope you get LOTS more customers. :)

Tammy C

Love your chalkboard.Hope your sales are up on the 8th weekend and stay that way.


Great idea. Who could pass up New York cheese cake? :) We have a small chalkboard hanging in our kitchen that I use to write welcome greetings to whatever family is visiting with us, seasonal greetings or happy birthday to members of our family.
Glad you had a great day of sales.



It turned out very nice, it's great to create out of mainly scraps. Happy you did well over the holiday weekend, and hope it continues on. What a neat endeavour market must be.

Leslie W

Looks great, Sarah! What a blessing for the extra sales this weekend! :)

sharon Baksa

How nice that turned out Sarah! Great idea, glad to hear you had good sales this weekend. What a blessing!


Kathy W.

How clever! This is a DIY masterpiece. Next time I have a creative need, I'm going to call YOU. Rich blessings to you and congrats on such a great day at market.
Mrs. W.

Stephanie in MI

That is really neat! And what a great idea! I bet that will draw them in! Have you seen the chalk markers? They leave a more solid color for the chalk. I haven't tried them, but they look nice from what I've seen. I love this!

Aunt Bet

Good idea, Sarah! I like it.


This is wonderful,Sarah! You did such a nice job...thanks for sharing. Hope it draws in lots of customers for you tomorrow!

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