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Thursday, September 06, 2012



We will definitely be praying for your sweet mother. Please give her a hug for us.



Of course. I calculate that will be 1am Sat my time so shall do that before sleeping. It's lovely to see you again Granny and I'm glad you are coming to stay.

Tammy C

Adding Granny to my prayer list.


Feels good to visit you this morning. :)
I did a bit of scrolling and scan-reading to see what's been on your blog during my break. Found many good things! Lots of nice pix. Wishing you a belated happy anniversary. Tell Sarah I love her chalkboard, great idea. My mom is getting a pacemaker like device soon too, I believe, first she has to see the doctor again. Here's a wish and a prayer that both your mother and mine do exceedingly well with them. Have a happy day!


We will be praying for Granny tomorrow as she has her surgery. I have heard from those who have them that it really helps increase their energy level.


We will be keeping your mother in our prayers.


Oh, Deb, I will be praying for Granny's surgery tomorrow morning. Thanks for sharing this prayer request with us so we can all be in prayer with you and your family. Much love to you, Granny! P.S. I LOVE my large Jeremiah basket! It's full of magazines & sits in my living room on a bench my Dad made from wood recycled from his grandparents barn. :-)

sharon Baksa

I will be praying for Granny's surgery and for a speedy recovery for her as well. Will be thinking of her often! Have a blessed day in the Lord!


Stephanie in MI

Your mom is so awesome. I love that she has customers overseas! Wow! I will be thinking of her and sending positive energy her way. Please keep us posted.

Melissa N

I am adding her to my prayers. Her baskets are so lovely.. maybe one day I will get one :o)


Praying for your mom Deb!

Leigha for the Woods

Good Morning Girottis...we are praying for Granny this morning and looking forward to see you on Sunday!! Have a blessed day!!


Thank you for the update. We'll certainly be keeping Granny in prayer. Can't wait to have her back at church!


I pray for a very quick recovery. Hubby is in post-surgery mode here but he is doing well.


I've been praying...hope that the second procedure alleviated her pain.


Oh my goodness Deb-- I had no idea-- I would have been sending up prayers for sweet Granny. I'm so glad she is doing well-- she is quite a lady!!

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