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Friday, December 21, 2012


Aunt Rhonda

I still have two words to go! Wah! :) I've enjoyed your game, Sarah. And, especially, I've enjoyed reading about your family's traditions. I think it's so cool that each family develops its own traditions, no doubt a combination of personalities, family traditions carried over from the parents' families, and new traditions developed in a serendipitous way. We love sitting around telling stories of past Christmases--just as you have reminisced for today's post. Merry Christmas, to you and all your lovely family.


Isn't it a blessing and so much fun to think of all the memories we have! LOVED the photo of you 4 doing your Christmas sweet!!!
We have caroled every year for the last 20 plus years to widows that God has brought into our lives. It has been the highlight of our Christmas traditions and I think we all receive more of a blessing than the ladies we carol too. The number of ladies varies from year to year, this year we had 15! Needless to say we started caroling at 9:30 in the morning and didn't stop until 6 at night. After we are done our family comes to our house for a caroling party. Lots of yummy treats, and foods that have become tradition for each family member to bring. This year we even had several of our grandchildren join in the caroling. :)
Well I STILL have 3 words to go!

Kathy W.

My most vivid memory: When I was about 6 years old I got a new doll for Christmas with new clothes and accessories. When the flurry of gift opening was done and all the paper and bows had been discarded, my doll clothes were missing!!

I was one sad girl when we realized that all those pretty dresses and such had accidentally gone out to the burn barrel with the garbage and were no more. (My dad was VERY efficient in clearing the refuse :-)) At least she had the dress she was wearing.

I still have the doll, Katy, although she's missing an arm and has several pinholes in various places where she recieved all her immunizations over the years!!

No winners here today!! Hope everyone is having as much fun as we are. Blessings to the Girottis today!
Mrs. White

brenda perdue

Thank you so much Deb for the picture . Ilove it.4 words to go--drum,dolls,peace,yule log. Surely those 4 words willbe on here in the morning. Come on BINGO, I can just taste that fudge now and I want that bsket so bad. All take care and I will check in tomorrow.


BINGO!!! :-)

Lisa Spivey

Congratulations Caroline! I've still got 4 more words to go..... Wah!!! Love hearing about your Christmas traditions! Have a good day all!

Sarah G.

Congratulations to Caroline!

Remember, there are 2 prizes, so keep on posting Bingo if you have it! :)


I love reading about your Christmas traditions. :) This is such a wonderful time of year to stop and reflect on the wonder and glory of Christ, and I love how the traditions of the season (as you show :) can reflect and bring out that glorious message. :) Merry Christmas to ya'll!
Love in Christ,
Elisha Wahlquist

Tammy C

A memory of wrapping paper.In 1986 I worked at the Navy Exchange when Chris was stationed in Iceland.One of my jobs was wrapping gifts.Christmas was of course the worst.After the store closed on the 24th we all said I wonder if we mixed any gifts up.I guess we did okay because we never got any complaints.

Madeline H.

My family has gone caroling twice to a nursing
home. Our church also has a caroling event each year, but we've never been able to go to it. :(
I have four words left.


I'm just curious - was your Jewish gentlemen upset or just educating you? I'm wondering, because our Christmas cantata this year had this EXACT scene in it (carolers coming to the door of a Jewish lady and her daughter) and portrayed one as upset and one as more understanding... just curious about how folks feel in real life! :)

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