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Monday, December 17, 2012


Anna W.

I've never had yams. Actually, I don't think I've ever had candied sweet potatoes either. They sound yummy though. One of my holiday favorites is baked and pureed Butternut Squash hot out of the oven with some butter and brown sugar on top. Mmmmm.
I've only five more words to go till bingo!


What a nice family picture. I hope you all got the one I sent. Have a wonderful Christmas.


Tammy C

Love your picture.

I like candied sweet potatoes. I have heard that probably very few in America have eaten a true yam because the yams in cans are sweet potaoes.

Aunt Rhonda

I always make a sweet potato souffle for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. My family can't seem to live without it. :) We rarely have it at any other time. But it is YUMMY! We always take a picture on Thanksgiving to put in our Christmas card. This year it's pretty bad--yours looks much better than ours! You all are so handsome and beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Aunt Rhonda

I forgot to answer your first question: I still have 10 words to go! WAH......


I LOVE the picture! You are all so sweet and beautiful...inside and out! Merry Christmas, Girotti family! I love you!

brenda perdue

What a beautiful family picture.I just love it. Deb, maybe you could send me one so I can put it in a pretty frame. Mill you are soooooooooooooooo beautiful. Love you all.


What a beautiful family picture!


AGH! I thought I left a comment yesterday and now it looks like I never followed through with the "Spam checker thingy"..:) SO I'll try again, if I can remember what I said! :) Then photo is beautiful! I love the turquoise and black together, it is very stuning.....beautiful!! Great picture too, you all look perfect. :) As far as sweet potatoes go, I make a sweet potato casserole every year for Thanksgiving. It is usually fills a 9x13 pan. However this year I was informed by all my family that one pan was NOT enough and I needed to make 2 I did. Although I took them to my moms on Thansgiving we did have some left and my family was thrilled that there were leftovers to eat the next few days. (It has enough sugar,nuts and butter to officially be called a dessert! :)) I have only 8 words left to call bingo! :)

brenda perdue

Mill did not put a picture in her card,but I loved the card anyway. Well I have 6 words to go. I am waiting ,waiting,waiting, and wating for those 6 words.

Michelle W.

I haven't been able to visit your blog in a while so I missed most of your holiday posts--I finally had a chance to sit and look today and I'm so glad I did. This is a beautiful family photo! I love the colors you all chose and everyone looks so happy and healthy.
I pray that your family has a healthy and happy holiday as well!

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