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Saturday, December 22, 2012



Thank you so much, Sarah! I am excited to receive the looks wonderful! :-)


P.S. Congratulations to Anna W.!


I enjoyed playing, even if I didn't win, and even if that pesky Anna beat me to it! :)

I am an early riser (or at least, I always awaken early, but don't necessarily "rise"), and so today, when I woke around 3 AM PST, I figured I would stay awake for a couple of hours, and check out the words. But, as I listened to something on the iPad through headphones, I drifted off, and that is when Anna snuck in, and my hopes were dashed.

Seriously, it was fun, and congrats to both winners.

I didn't weigh in on any of posts until today, but we, too, are looking forward to Christmas Day. While we have traditions, of necessity, we've needed to change and have flexibility as our ten kids have gotten older, and married. We have three at home, but one of them is engaged, and she will be leaving the nest next spring. The other two have to finish high school and/or college. At least nine of our kids will be here for Christmas. We aren't sure if one of the sons can make it (he lives in the Central Valley, and we live in NorCal), because his wife gave birth this week to Malachi, their second, and our ninth grandchild (three more are due in 2013).

Growing up, my family always opened gifts on Christmas Day, while my husband's family opened them on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So, we became a family who opened gifts on both days. I love ornaments, and though my kids think our tree has too many, it is never enough for me, and as mom of the house, my edict is--the ornaments stay! Funny how my kids, even the grown ones with families of their own, still pontificate about our tree. Some things never change, I guess. :)

However, the most important part of the entire holiday season (and every day, for that matter) is that Christ is uplifted and that we honor Him. We will join together and listen as my husband reads the Christmas story, and/or brings a short devotion, and prays over the festivities. It is a special time as we praise God for the gift of the incarnate Christ in the manger, and the gift of salvation because of His death on the cross. May Jesus Christ be praised!

Merry Christmas, all!


Congratulations to the winners and thanks for hosting this fun game! Merry Christmas to everyone.


Tammy C

Was fun playing.Sadly I missed the word magic when it appeared so when I first saw the list this morning I didn't know I had bingoed.

Merry Christmas


Congratulations to Caroline and Anna! Many thanks, Sarah, for a great game! :):)

Anna W.

Hooray, Sarah, for all the time and effort you put into this delightful game! Thanks a bunch. It was great fun even though certain of us may have gotten a leeedle pesky and sneaky at the end! ;-) (Cathy, some of my family members may try to tell you that I'm in the business of being pesky and sneaky!)

Contratulations Caroline!I know you will love being the recipients of one of Granny's baskets. They are beautiful keepsakes. Although I've never tried Sarah's Black Forest Fudge before,it's bound to be just as delicious as all her other sweets are!

Who made cross-stitched the towels?

Praying that everybody enjoys a beautiful holiday! Blessings to you all!

brenda perdue

Thanks for letting me play the Bingo game. I really had a fun time,just did not win anything(bah-humbug) but it was so much fun. Hope all of have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year coming up.Love all.

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