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Thursday, January 24, 2013



Ooooh, what a yummy place to visit! I don't know if I have time yet today to visit the nearest quilt shop, I'm certainly not "ready" to go now as I'm somewhat a mess from house cleaning. If not today, will have to take a rain check I suppose.

Sharon Baksa

I enjoyed the tour! I am not really familiar with quilting but I do enjoy seeing what you have done! When I go out to Lancaster, Pa. I always admire the quilts there. I also love your tote bag Hannah!

Stephanie in MI

Looks like a really nice shop! I like the photo of Hannah peeking through the sewing machine.


Hey...I've been in there! It is so colorful and fun! Glad you enjoyed your time out to celebrate!


My goodness, that quilt shop is huge! How lovely to get a little peek at such a spacious and roomy fabric shop. I love the old sewing machines, too (makes me wonder why I gave mine away, until I remember that it weighed too much to lift and I couldn't get it out of the cupboard - but it was beautiful).

Kathryn Duke

What a fun trip and wonderful shop too!! I did not get back to our local shoppe, about 25 miles east of Kinston as she just had her grand re-opening last Saturday and I attended that.
YES...we should do all we can to support local!!!

Lisa Spivey

How lucky you are to have a quilt shop like that so accessible!!! Wow!!! Do you feel like a 'kid in the candy store' walking through? Thank you for sharing your wonderful shop with us. And I like Hannah peeking through the antique machine too!


What a great day out! The bolts of green, oh I love all of has always been my favorite color. I wish we had a few shops like that near by Rebekah and I would enjoy that. I have several projects that I would like to do before the new baby arrives, which means I need to get busy as they will take some time.

So neat that you have been able to do the quilt class, as I'm sure it was a lot of fun for you. Looking forward to seeing your next project :)

Have a blessed week~

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