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Monday, January 21, 2013


Tammy  C

Have a nice time with tom.Chris doesn't get today off.

My crocs are the same color as yours.

Hope the bed doesn't have to stay in your living room too long! I have moving boxes because on the 30th the movers come to get our stuff for Georgia.

We are having leftover taco bake for dinner.

Mama Bear

Hello Deb, I just read your comments on my blog....I started singing Come Spring when I was a teen. I memorized it from an album we had. We used to go to many all night gospel singing's. The song reminded me of my grandfather's last days. He died when I was 15. Later, it was a song that touched very close to home as my sweet Mama spent her last days on earth with her white hair and her sweet face...I can't sing it now without crying but I still love it....
I see we have several things in common. Thanks for visiting me.


YIPEEE about the new internet server!!! I was beginning to worry since it had been a few days and NO posts! :) Now all you "guys" need with that cold weather is
S N O W:) Wouldn't Miss Sarah just love that. :) Sounds like Tom has a really neat project in the works, please post a picture when you can, would love to see it. I must go over to see the "kit" you have from Joanna...her fabrics and patterns are always lovely. I enjoy reading your Day-Book posts Deb, thanks for sharting!! Hugs to you!!!


If you come to Hampton in February, can we pretty please get together?! Loved reading what you've been up to & celebrating with you about the faster internet server! Enjoy your lunch out with Tom. :-)


p.s. :) I saw the Blossoms kit..So CUTE!! Looks, like it would go up fast too. Have fun!!! :)


Nice to get caught up on your news! I'm seeing in my mind's eye that beautiful sunrise over the mountains! What a sight! Although I'm very glad to live on our Island with its rolling hills and valleys, I miss mountains - they are so majestic!

A lovely cross-stitch by Sarah - a real keepsake for Hannah.

So nice that you were able to have a lunch date with Tom.

Hope you get to attend the quilt conference. You'd love that!

Keep warm! Your temps sound the same as ours!


I think you will definitely enjoy your new server. Hope you had a great day with Tom. Greg had the day off too so went took the three youngest to the history museum.
Sarah's cross-stitch is beautiful. Stay warm up there!


Stephanie in MI

What a nice idea. We enjoy days together as well. We all spent Sunday together...first day in a long time. We wished we could do it again the next day. :-)

Lisa Spivey

Oooooh, am so jealous about your new internet server. We're still with satellite, and have to constantly watch our usage and that sounds like such a wonderful luxury to be able to watch sewing tutorials without having to think of things like that. Hope you enjoyed your day with your husband. I had a day with my Tom too yesterday.... and it was nice.

Simply God's Girl

Congratulations on the new internet. How fun to have your hubby around the house today. Looks like you guys are busy, busy! Have a blessed day together! Thank you for sharing your SWD! Simply God's Girl


Love Sarah's cross-stitch! Makes me want to get started on one. The only problem is it takes so long to get to where Sarah is! ;-)

Kathryn Duke

Nice post...good idea (Daybook)...pretty cross stitch for your daughter!!


Sarah did a great job on the cross-stitch..she has inspired me :) would u mind to send me your email address? I tried to send you one and the server sent it back. I must have the wrong one? Thank you and blessings!

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