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Monday, January 07, 2013


Kathryn Duke

Lovely, just lovely!!! I would have loved to have been your sis on Christmas!!! I do not blame you at all...I would have probably kept it!!!

And what pretty work on the quilt pansy applique and cross stitch...did you see the rest of the quilt? I always think it is such a shame when someone cuts it up to sell...I always want the whole quilt for myself!!!

Tammy  C

Very pretty on everything!

Glad that you were able to get the runner finished in time for Christmas.


Deb! That was so fun to read! Neat that the quilt shop had the same thought I did. :) It came out beautiful! The yellow theme was so fun and I'm so sure Bet enjoyed it all.


Great job, Deb! I can fully understand why you wish that the runner had a place in you home. I love it, and I'm sure your sister does too.
The yellow egg basket is a treasure too. I have one on my front porch and each spring and summer it is filled with a pot of red flowers.
Great gifts!


Lovely, work, Deb. You are so creative. I'm sure your sister loved all her yellow gifts.

Lisa Spivey

I LOVE this Deb!!! Seriously, I really do love this.... the whole creative idea of a 'yellow' theme for your sister capping off with a beautiful new/old table runner!!! ....and using her Pinterest board for her gift ideas.... I'd never thought of that. Your sister will treasure her 'yellow' gifts. (Loved the 'yellow' highlights in your post too!) You are so creative.


It's lovely. Great work bringing it back to life. I've never heard of cutting a quilt into strips to sell. Seems a strange thing to do

Aunt Rhonda

I know Bet was wild about her gift, Deb. Congratulations! I teared up when I read about it. Wish I could have seen her face! :)

Sharon Baksa

Oh how lovely! I am glad you were able to finish it on time. You are so talented, what a blessing!

Carolyn Shortt

Deb! You are such a..a...well, there are so many words of blessing, that I just can't write them all! What a great idea and how sweet of you to do this for Betty! I am sure she thanks the Lord for such a great sister as you! I know I would! I thank the Lord for you, and I'm not your sister...only in the Lord!


Such a sweet and thoughtful gift! From a very sweet and thoughtful sister! xo


I LOVED my yellow gift!! I was really shocked--you all should have seen the picture taken when I realized this special gift was all mine! And I did actually cry when I saw the table runner! So, so special! Thanks, Deb. I would say you could borrow it sometime, but I think I'll just keep it here and use it as a bribe to get you to visit. :-)


You did a wonderful job restoring that into a table runner! I can tell from reading your sisters post above that she loved and will treasure it.

Bobbi H.

Deb, you are absolutely amazing! I am so inspired by you and your entire family. I have added Toot's Creek to my list of places to go. You will have to tell me all of the interesting places to go see when we plan our trip to South Boston. I'm going to go to Betty's Pinterest page right now!



Stephanie in MI

Haha! I can see why you're wishing you had the egg basket and runner. They are both truly great! Deb, I can see the resemblance with your sister. What a lovely looking woman. :-)


WOW, I love it! What a thoughtful sweet gift package you made up for Bet, and the runner is to die for!

Now I'm thinking one day I need to travel up your way and take a trip to Toot's Creek Antique Mall with you:)


Deb- you really are amazing-- the table runner is beautiful- what a wonderful cherished gift! Your sister looks just like you!

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