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Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Sarah and Hannah~ Anytime you need to practice weekly cooking/cleaning/schooling skills you are welcome to try it out at my house!! We could add in gardening and other farm work too....hahaha! It lookslike everything was delicious!

Sharon Baksa

Wow Sarah! You really cooked up a storm! Everything sounded wonderful, especially the ribs and enchilada casserole. What a blessing to your family to do this! It would be so much fun to have a surprise supper each night!


WOW! We make ribs, but do it outside on the grill, low heat. Did it smoke up the house to cook inside? Iverything looks so good I will have to read through several times to get all the jems!

Aunt Bet

Granny says she loves the sound of the ribs. She passes on the second one--Mexican just isn't her thing (although I did get her to eat a chicken burrito the other day!). Leftovers are fine. And she loves the Valentine's meal ideas! And bring on the waffles, she says. You did a great job. She's looking forward to eating some of all that when she gets back!;-)

Lisa Spivey

Everything look and sounds so delicious! Loved your attention to detail in not only preparing the food, but setting a beautiful dinnertime atmosphere for your family. Can I come live with ya'll?!! Thank you for posting the recipe links. We'll be trying that BBQ sauce and a few of the others.

Tammy C

I am with Lisa-can we move in to eat some fun sounding meals.I love to make ribs.Waffle sound neat for dinner.I might try that once and see how everyone likes them.


Oh, all sounded so yummy! I'll have to admit that the Mexican night made my mouth water:) Elizabeth is doing Mexican tonight, and after seeing the guacamole I ask her to make some for this evening. Thanks for the links to your tasty creations.

Your Valentine meal and table looked lovely, what a great week of meals you prepared.

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