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Friday, February 08, 2013


Stephanie in MI

How much fun. You guys are busy! Have a restful weekend!

Bobbi H

You are all some of the busiest people that I know. You put me to shame! Hannah, you mentioned the Highland Maple Syrup Festival, I just got off of the phone with my Aunt Catherine that lives in Staunton and they also have a house in Highland County. Today is her 84th birthday. Anyway, they have been making maple syrup too. They are not part of the festival but they do sell the maple syrup. I've helped them make it and it should cost about $100 a gallon because it takes a lot of work!!! Thanks for posting!



The maple syrup soap sounds awesome and I love the gentleman's name too!

Is the eye cream a recipe you can share or is it subject to copyright?

Hannah, you and Tony would have a great time discussing framing!

Elizabeth Johnson

Very interested in the results of the eye cream! If you don't mind send me the recipe!

Brenda Nuland

Love those quilt blocks and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your week at a glance.

I SO enjoy, being a visual person, SEEING what people are doing... am I just nosy? Hehehe...

Dorothy Horton

Wow! I'm exhausted after reading all you ladies have been up to! The maple soap will have to be tested at my house soon. :) Oh, to have someone to plan dinners and cook at my house...what a joy that would be! I really do not like cooking these days. Sigh. Sewing is on my radar & I hope to start working on a table runner soon. Your squares are lovely. Framing is such a wonderful skill to have! And eye cream?! Is that going to be available through Hannah's store? This week has me caring for my daughter who had her tonsils out on Friday. Poor girl is in extreme pain & we will both be glad when the 2 week recovery period has passed. It would be wonderful if my husband and I could make it to the maple festival this year! Thanks for the updates! Love to all!


Busy week for you all.
That maple syrup soap sounds divine. Any chance you can sell some to people who are too far away to attend the maple festival? Hint, hint :). I think you could prob fit a good amount of soap in the flat rate envelopes :)
I've been eyeing up some of your others too.

Mmm, brownies. I have a great recipe for an egg-free brownie if you'd like. Perfect to have on hand for when you need a brownie fix but need the eggs for something else. Let me know if you'd like the recipe.

Lovely blocks. Have you decided how you're going to finish them? Sashing colours, setting, borders? Enquiring minds and all that :)


Thanks for your comments, everyone.

To all interested in the coconut oil eye cream, here is how I made it:

2 ingredients melted together in a pyrex measuring cup over hot water:

Coconut oil (I order mine online from Wilderness Family Naturals or Tropical Traditions, but you can also buy inexpensive coconut oils at the grocery store on the baking aisle)

Vitamin E (You can use a few vitamin E capsules squeezed; I used vit E oil from which I normally use in my balms)

I'm not sure of the proportions. Maybe 10:1? I poured the melted oil into 3 small containers as the photo shows, and stuck in the refrigerator to harden. (Coconut oil becomes solid at below 76 degrees.)

So this is not really a cream, but solidified coconut oil enhanced with extra vitamin E. I also added a tiny bit of apricot kernal oil to ensure the coconut would not be too hard, and Mom said the "cream" melted on contact with her fingers when applying.

hat tip to original source, via Pinterest:">">

Lisa Spivey

I seem to be a little late here....
...but wanted to say those soaps look yummy enough to eat... like a sort of fudge goodie. Would love to see the cross-stitched pieces when you're finished framing them.
... and 'secret' menu plans sounds like a great idea to me! What fun!
.... and somehow I missed the back bed post too.... but what a beautiful keepsake for Sarah from her Dad. Love the colors of your blocks they are coming together beautifully. Sounds like an exciting trip you've got planned!
What a fun post!

brenda perdue

Thank you Hannah for your imput on the soaps,I really appreciated it.

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