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Wednesday, February 13, 2013



So glad you have a lovely time visiting with your dear friend and quilting!! Two favourite activities! I think I like the old-fashioned type quilts the best too.


I love all quilts, modern, contemporary, tradition! I would do the class. I debated signing back up, but I did. It's so nice to fellowship with other quilters!

Lisa Spivey

Isn't it interesting how quilting (and sewing) bring kindred spirits together! I like traditional quilts too. If you don't sign up for the class, you might find you miss it?.... and you've already chosen the red. :)


Oh, I definitely think you should do this year's class too, and the red is perfect! I have several friends I've met online and in real life, and there are a few more online ones that I hope to meet - you're one of them!


Like you, I'm drawn to more tradtional styles. Although, I'm also a fan of whimsical and have two such quilts planned at the moment (one started and one to hopefully start next month).
I think you should go ahead and join the next class. You know you want to :)
Oh, and can you please tell Sarah that I haven't forgotten about the brownie recipe. I'll email it to you guys this weekend.

Stephanie in MI

That is great that you've gotten to hang out with Julie at your meetings. How cool. I like the red and blue quilts! I wouldn't do it, but that's because I'm committed to 3 other BOMs right now! LOL. I'm like you. I like the traditional patterns with the new, modern fabrics. I also like some of the really modern designs. You know me, though. I also love all the fussy blocks with lots of cutting and piecing!

Bobbi H

I guess I would rather be called a lurker than a stalker! I wish I lived closer so that I could attend the Sat. quilt classes too. It looks like you have a lot of fun!


I like traditional. The little boy quilt is so cute!

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