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Monday, April 29, 2013


Dorothy Horton

That's exciting! When you asked if we knew what you were going to do with the egg shells, I figured you were going to start your seedlings in them...then I continued reading and discovered I was wrong. I saw a photo of someone using them that way recently. The calcium thought is a good one! It will be fun to watch your garden's progress this year again. I always enjoy that!

Stephanie in MI

You're doing well with those. I stink at growing anything!


How exciting. I love your seedling trays - I would never have thought of using foil baking trays and cling wrap. What a good idea!
Sounds like a good way to use egg shells. Look forward to hearing the results.


Planting is exciting! It's so fun to watch things grow. I'm looking forward to hearing more about how the stevia does. Can't wait to hear about how the "egg shell water" works too. If it works, I'll certainly try it! Our poor houseplants could use a little extra medicine...or maybe it's just consistant watering that they need ;-). Speaking of eggs, my little sister got clever recently and used an old egg carton to plant seeds in. She just filled the egg cup side with dirt and put a few seeds in each cup. I was so proud of her! So if you ever run out of seedling trays, use the egg cartons left over from Sarah's baking!

Happy growing!


Looks like you're off to a great start. Hope your garden does really well this year.


my simple life

hello hanna,
many seeds on the way. wish you luck with your seedlings!!!
greetings from germany,


Wow, your seedlings look wonderful!


The eggshells would be cute!


Well, we'll see how these turn out. I killed what sprouted last year, and I ended up having to buy transplants!


Using what's available! Actually I noticed the foil pans developing some tiny rust holes, so they may not be the best choice. One of the cardboard-ish trays I used was packing material form soap supplies--it worked perfectly!


Yes, it is exciting. :) Hmmm, my stevia never sprouted this time. :( Have you ever seen how miniscule those seeds and sprouts are? Will let you know if I can tell any results from the egg shell watering. How creative and resourceful to use the leftover cartons, Elizabeth! :)


Thanks! I'm sure you all have been busy beginning a garden too, unless you are waiting for a new location.


Thanks you, Diane...I hope they turn into healthy plants.


Such a fun time of year! :) We just put a lot of little plants out in our garden today. I'm putting in some basil tomorrow; but I cheated with that; bought it at the store this afternoon! (Actually, everything we put in today was bought. But I did start 72 broccoli plants from seed earlier this year that have done well; does that count?: )) I've heard herbs are very difficult to start from seed.

Yes, the egg shell idea works! We use it. Actually, we cover the crushed shells with straight apple cider vinegar, and it is quite fun to watch, because it bubbles and foams like crazy. Once all the egg shells have settled, we strain them out and water our adult plants with the liquid; mostly the tomatoes. The calcium helps prevent blossom-end-rot. I've also heard of people using the egg shells for little planting pots that can be put straight into the ground when you're ready to move the seedlings to the garden, but we haven't done that. I think one of your other readers mentioned it too. :)

Thanks for sharing; looks great! :)


Amber, thanks for the gardening's especially nice to know you all have used the eggshell trick and had success. 72 broccoli plants?? Wow. My basil starts did well last year, and they are looking hardy this year, so I'm hoping they will turn out better than the poor stevia.

Hey, I enjoyed looking around your new sewing website! Great work.

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