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Friday, April 05, 2013



Wow, sounds busy and fun!

Does your sister teach at BJ? My siblings have gone there/are attending.

Melissa N

Coconut cheesecake!! That's like combining two of my favorite sweets, sounds delicious. Did she find the recipe online? Looks like you had a nice trip!

Tammy  C

Lunch party looked like it was alot of fun.

Nice gifts.

Hope the Farmers Market Season goes well this year.

Lisa Spivey

It was a nice to see you again and be with you and your family for a little while. You might need to re-think your view on your appliqueing skills, as the towel is beautiful, VERY well-done and dresses up my kitchen nicely. I'm so glad you liked the things I brought. It was such fun to take a sneak peek at your Pinterest boards. :) Please be sure to tell Sarah that Coconut Cheesecake was delicious and most exquisite! I bet if she gave out a few samples at the Farmer's Market, she'd quickly have lots of orders. Thank you again for such a 'blogging good time'! (well said!)

Stephanie in MI

What fun and lovely gifts! Your towel is just lovely! I think the garden bricks are a great idea. I will keep that idea in mind!


What a wonderful visit. Sounds like you all had fun, and what thoughtful gifts. I love them all (both sides of the exchange)

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