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Monday, May 20, 2013



Pretty flowers! We had a hard frost last Sunday, which of course was after we had planted our garden and flowers. Thankfully we didn't lose too much! We covered it all with plastic bags and sheets. Well, by "we" I mean my husband. ;)

I like your hosta bed. I just got another hosta for my front bed. They grow really well where I have them.

Mary, MI

Wow your yard is beautiful! Like that red bush right next to the stairs.

Mary, MI

Lisa Spivey

Very pretty and colorful! Can one ever have too many flowering plants in one bed?! It looks great with the variety of plants you have together. Love the watering cans with plants.


Wow, looks beautiful! Columbine is one of my favorites, it was all over in the mountains where I grew up but has a hard time in Texas once the heat sets in.

Mama Pea

Oh, that is just great. I wish I had your flair for growing things and for designing the gardens and displays!


It's nice to see some old faces on BT! Your garden is looking beautiful, as always. Love all the pots and watering cans on the steps. Perfect! Jean


Deb, The porch steps look great! That red azalea is amazing! Your clematis is glorious too. Love your garden.


Hi there!! Wow..your yard looks beautiful. I love this time of year when we all finally get to get outside :) Where did you get the quilt square on the wall? I love that. Hope to see you one day..just think how special it will be ;)


You do have a beautiful piece of the world, there.


Deb, thanks for the after photos!! How lovely. Everything looks beautiful. I forgot to tell you that when we bought our garden plants and flowers this week, I saw some lantana up close and personal. I'd never heard of them until you mentioned them on the blog. The ones we saw were multicolored; yellow, orange, and pink all on one blossom. Very pretty. I would have chosen them, but I ended up with impatiens because I needed something that would spread and fill out a big box. Now you can relax and enjoy all the beauty!

Brenda Nuland


My "English country garden" in pots on my deck has taken such a beating from all the heavy storms in the past week. But I'm expecting them to perk up now that we are in such nice weather.

My grandchildren are visiting, they viewed all the seeds coming up in the veggie garden this morning and some day this week, we are going to harvest our first "crop" of the apple mint together. :)


my goodness; what amazing colors! :)

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