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Thursday, July 11, 2013



AHH, captures it beautifully Deb! :) Going to CW for an evening date has become one of our most enjoyed dates. You never get tired of it, do you? A couple of weeks ago we went and ate at the Cheese Shoppe. Have you ever eaten there? IF not, you must try it next time you are in town, great sandwiches!!
Since it began raining as we were ordering we didn't get to sit outside, a dissappointment, but never the less it was enjoyable. Later that evening it stopped raining and we walked the streets, enjoying the CW evening. :)


Loved the virtual tour. Now, pix of the birthday dinner would be nice.


Hi Deb, these are great pictures. I'm so glad you posted on CW, again. I really enjoy the photos. Actually, I wish I could live at Colonial Williamsburg. I'd love that. Once when my daughter and I visited there we wore our 18th century reenactment clothing and blended in nicely. I see you're friends with Thomas Jefferson, also. ;)

The last time I visited CW there was a Scottish shop in the Square. Did you happen to notice if it's still there? They had the cutest little jacket I wish I had gotten, I didn't get since I had already spent a bundle on other things. Sigh.

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Tammy C

Nice pictures.Interesting that around the area has changed but Colonial Williamsburg thankfully hasn't much.

Chris and I had our first date there.

Alisha Ann

Next time you go you should try the Original Astronomical Pancake and Waffle House...IT IS AMAZING!!

It looks like y'all had a great time...we took Momma there for her birthday and also went when Daddy's mom came to visit!

Blessings in HIM,


We are so blessed to live in Virginia. We can go to the beach, the mountains, Colonial Williamsburg or many, many other interesting places. I love going to Williamsburg. Did you go to the quilt shop? I'm glad you had a good birthday.

Stephanie in MI

I just love that. I really want to go there now. I think it would be such a great, educational trip for E sometime.

Brenda Nuland

Sigh... ;)

Amy, a redeemed sheep

someday....I hope. So beautiful.

Dorothy Horton

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Looks like a perfectly lovely way to spend a birthday!


I would love to visit! My family and I recently toured Greenfield Village here in Detroit. It is nice too. Instead of horses you can ride in Model Ts!


What a lovely trip, and so interesting. One day we are going to make it that way for a family trip, we hope in the near future. Looks like you did a bit of shopping

I hope your having a wonderful weekend, blessings to you.


A lovely way to spend a birthday. Looks like you had a great time.
Belated happy birthday to you too (just realised I forgot it from my last comment)

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