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Tuesday, July 16, 2013



It looks great! I have several hostas in my front beds, and I really like them.


Your yard looks gorgeous!



I didn't realize all the work that went into forming that bed. Sweet husband! :) I think maybe you should be the next Mrs Green Thumb and bring us posts of whats blooming in your is always blooming somewhere. :)


Love your new garden around the tree! All you blooms are amazing! Wonderful color.


Wow! What an explosion of color! Coneflowers are a favorite. Glad you are enjoying your garden. Hope you will keep in touch so that I can keep tabs on your lovely garden.


Deb, your flowers are smashingly beautiful!! It was so sweet of Tom to do this for your birthday! It looks great. I love it when you say you "just eyed it". That is what I do, even though mine does not turn out as perfect as Tom's. I am so sorry I missed your birthday, but time is not over yet! After all, when you get our age, you can celebrate a long time! Keep posting pics of your flowers! They should go in a magazine! My garden is great this year also. I love it!


What a blessed birthday girl!!Enjoy!


Deb- what a lucky girl you are--- Tom built you a beautiful flower bed. It will be so lovely next year when the hostas fill in. Our are so pretty this year---
All of your flowers are just gorgeous!!! Beautiful photos--

Kathryn Duke

LOVELY, just lovely!!!

Donna Heber

Hi Deb,

Your new round garden looks fabulous! I created one a few years ago, but rather than having a tree to grace the center of it I added a wrought iron trellis. Your coneflowers and hydrangeas are gorgeous.


What a perfect birthday present. And want, need.. two very different things :)
This little (or rather, not so little) flower garden is going to look gorgeous when the plants grow into it. I do love seeing pictures of your garden.


Hi Deb!
Your new garden looks just wonderful! I love the hostas in the new bed.
I can't believe Bloomin' Tuesday vanished already just after I found it. O.O I hope someone else will do something similar.
Have a great week!

Stephanie in MI

I am so jealous. I wish I had an ounce of your talent in growing things!

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