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Friday, March 21, 2014


Tammy  C

I have always loved your story of meeting!!This means almost 35 for Tom at the same company.I think that is a record these days.

I have been cleaning and throwing out junk from the extra room for company.Gregory's friend Chris from North Carolina is coming to visit him on Monday for a few days.

Gregory is doing lots better.He sees his doctor on April 8.


What a great story, Deb! Happy Anniversary!!


I LOVE this story...I missed it yesterday, but not quite three hours after midnight (you gotta love insomnia!) probably still qualifies as yesterday. What a wonderful account of God's gracious provision of a husband for you, and a wife for Tom. What an example of what just might happen when someone follows through with a commitment to further Christ's kingdom selflessly...and ends up with a wife!

Oh, and it's pretty romantic, too. Love was in the air that spring day 35 years ago...and it was still alive and HOT (it's Ok, you're married) yesterday as you remembered your "chance (uh, right)" meeting.

Happy day-of-meeting!

The Hammond Clan

How sweet! We all enjoyed reading how the two of you met! Thanks for sharing!


So sweet!

Carolyn Van Valkenburg

Dear Deb,
Happy Anniversary!!
Yes, with that long of writing back and forth you learned much more deeply about each other!! Good idea!
I'sure you have kept the letters because they would make a good teaching book showing examples about courtship!
I just want you to know that we have not forgotten you and have fondest memories of your visit to our very old house! I'm sorry about the Asian food. It is my hometown food but Steve hates but is excited to treat others to a cultural experience.
I experienced almost all last year "Invasive Aspergillosis" and was admitted to for five days on "Voriconazole by IV and the six more months of the same medicine at home. Then in December my neck veins at C2 were getting pinched again so I had to go back to Pain Management for another burning of the nerves which kill the nerves so they don't give me terrible migraines over my right eye.

This explains why no Christmas letter went out. We have never let a year go by until this year. I'm very sorry.

But we are planning an Easter gift and letter to our friends. It is the Asian heart in me (my husband says) that makes me enjoy giving out gifts to almost one hundred people at Christmas.

I am still teaching Chinese women English. Besides that I have been taking voice singing lessons and just had my first recital on February 23. It went very well, put on by the Charlottesville Adult Music Association. I sang a song by Handel "Love Ye the Lord" and "Panis Angelicus" by Franck.
We love your Mountain Musings!! I love adventure myself and am so interested in all you do.
Love you! God bless you richly!!
Carolyn Van Valkenburg

Bev C

Hello Deb and Tom.

What a sweet post. Love how you were able to leave your note under the glass. Makes the table so much more interesting for the next people.

Happy days to you both.


I remember you telling me this story, and I thought it was so very sweet. Happy anniversary of your first meeting.



Steve Gordon

Deb, Happy Anniversary to both of you. Loved the story, especially the PenPal stuff.

I met a young girl when I was 12 and she was 9. Her father was our minister for a couple of years, but then they moved away. We traded letters for several years after that. I still have them all.

It took us a few years later, but we did marry. God granted me 17 beautiful years with her before He took her home. Loved every minute of it. Be Blessed!!! -Steve

Heather Pickle

That is so sweet. We celebrate the day we met every year. You are the only other couple I have heard of doing it. We will celebrate 27 years on May 24th. :-)


I love your story. Thanks for sharing. And may the fun continue

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