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Monday, April 28, 2014



Loved the update, Sarah. I prayed for you guys this past Saturday in the early AM, figuring that you'd started your day. Praying that you make some good dough.

And, no, I will NOT mention Nadal's two losses on clay. Nope, not gonna do it...even if you DID gloat and act unbecoming when Federer got worked by Nadal, and when the Pens lost. And, far be it from me to mention that the Pens won their first series today.

I've got too much class for that kind of nonsense...


Love the update. Pity you guys aren't in my neck of the woods. We have market every tuesday and saturday year round. There's a bread merchant that does a roaring trade, and every now and then when there's a special event market in the common we get sweet/cake vendors (soap too, Hannah) but it would be great to have one there every week. Both your stall Sarah (though my waistline might disagree) and you too Hannah.
I hope your market season is going well so far


Hi Sarah and Hannah!

Glad your market is going well. Ours starts this Saturday. Graham got his license so he and I will be taking turns going and going together sometimes. We've grown a really pretty type of lettuce and we get lots of comments on lady even took a picture of it..but they make nice comments and pass right on by! Sales are so strange at the market~ it's hard to figure out. We've been asked too if we were Amish :o).


Looks like your market is off to a great start. Hope you have another successful summer. Cleaning up here today after some bad storms (and more on the way). Hope you all don't get them too.


Aunt Bet

You mean you're not Amish??! ;-)

Nice update, Sarah!


It has been lovely to catch up on your blog after months of business and not visiting. I have gone through months of blog posts today :).


Oh, I bet that white chocolate raspberry cheesecake was delicious! And I bet you won't be wearing a jacket to market for long. We've been in the 80s for a couple of weeks now. Hello Summer!
Yay, it looks like this comment may actually make it to publication. The post button looks's hopin'.

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