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Tuesday, August 26, 2014



Oh Deb! I do feel like I was able to enjoy your anniversary too. :) What an informative and interesting post. You and Tom sure had a trip filled with all the things you both enjoy. As I scrolled down to view each picture I could almost hear what you would say as you looked at the beautiful quilts, plants and the farmers market. Such a fun trip!! The Sound of Music sing-a-long must have been such a treat from the looks of your photos and your description. Fred and I took Laura and John to a play of the Sound Of Music here in town several weeks was so well done and we all came home singing the songs for days. :) So sorry to hear about Granny! We will continue to pray for her health and strong recovery. Hugs to you guys and again HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!


Poor granny. What a scare! I'll be praying for her full recovery. She's an amazing lady, and I hope the Lord will grant her many more years with her loving family.
I'm glad you had a wonderful anniversary weekend. What a fun time. I love your red, white and blue outfit. Very pretty on you.
Looking forward to seeing you soon. :)


Shirley Cox

Hello Miss Deb,
My name is Shirley Cox, we met your children through the White family....
my daughter and I hope to visit you one day and meet Granny also.
We love your blog and have so enjoyed meeting your lovely family.
Shirley and Ashleigh Cox


Hi Deb!
What a great weekend you had. I love farmer's markets, touring historical homes and re-enactments, too. Our youngest and I were Rev War re-enactors for several years when she was being homeschooled. It was a lot of fun, and she learned so much so we counted that as part of her American History study when she was in high school.
I'm so sorry to hear Granny has had a rough time and had to be hospitalized, but I'm glad they were able to help her. Will be praying for her.
Have a great rest of the week!


Hello and Happy Anniversary, Deb!
Looks like you had a very delightful get-a-away! Thanks for sharing it with us and for all the wonderful pictures! I was sad to hear about what Granny went through, (and you too, as you waited to hear about her prognosis!), but so thankful with you that they were able to diagnosis the problem and fix it! Thank you, Lord!

As far as planting tansy in our gardens ;-) . . . not sure if it is the same plant or not, but here in WA, we are all going crazy trying to eradicate this non-native, "noxious weed" from our properties! The county authorities drive around looking for it, and will stop and give warnings and then fines if not gotten rid of! So, we are pulling it, spraying it, cutting off the flowers . . .whatever we can do to keep it from spreading! It is toxic to cattle, though I know sheep can and will eat it in moderation. But perhaps our tansy is different from what is in your area? It is sure the "talk of the town" where we live . . . but in a bad way! ; -(

Will look forward to hearing and seeing updates on Granny and all your fall happenings!

God bless you all!


Hi Deb! I've been reading your blog for awhile. I'm just north of you in Madison, VA! Just wanted to warn you against the tansy. I bought some seeds awhile back (from Longwood Gardens in PA -- I figured, they should know, right?). It absolutely took over! Fortunately I put it in a blocked off area surrounding a patio, so it didn't get far, but it is a weed. That being said, it kept the flies off the patio, though the smell of the tansy was almost as annoying as the flies!


Thanks for sharing this trip. Glad to hear you had a goid time. Sorry about the scare with Granny though

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