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Thursday, September 11, 2014


jean sheard

Hi,Deb (from "hot" California)

So sorry to here about your Mom. Hope she will be back with you soon. The squash & black eyed peas looks yummy. Also the skillet dish. We will be praying for your Mom



Oh my lands, what good looking food you've been preparing and eating. I'd love to try that tomato pie sometime. Fresh quash and peas are so delicious. And those marshmallows look really scrumptious. I better look away before I start drooling...
I'll be praying for Granny and trust she will be back on her feet soon. Thank you for sharing all your kitchen fun with your readers, Deb. Have a great evening!

Bev C

Hello Deb,

Thanks so much for the link to the Tomato Pie, it looks so yummy, I would have to delete the Bacon but otherwise I could eat it. Hope Granny comes home soon. Have fun at the market.

Happy days.


Oh, that tomato pie! Yum! And I've always wanted to make marshmallows. My 4 year old would enjoy sampling these with a bit of hot cocoa now that fall is on the way. :)


Continuing to pray for Granny. Hope she is feeling better today. Those recipes look wonderful. I'll have to try my hand at them. Thanks for sharing them!


Tammy C

Tomato Pie looks good. Homemade marshmallows look cool even though I don't like them.

I have been praying for Granny.I hope from the updates that your sister is getting some rest.

Brenda Nuland

Praying for wisdom for those doctors! We have been going through many doctor's visits for my son to see what is wrong with him. I drive him since his wife is a teacher and is at work during most doctor's hours.

You mom is such a lovely person, she will remain in my prayers.

I froze tomatoes for the first time last winter and they turned out great. They were used mostly in soup. This year my tomato crop was pretty much a failure (does it seem there is always some veggie in the garden each year that flops?). ;)


Oh my, ladies! What a lovely are making me hungry! You kitchen must smell wonderful with all the delicious things you make :)
Thanks for sharing~
I pray Granny is doing well ♥


Ooh, these all look tasty. I might have to try that tomato pie. Without the bacon, of course.
Since I'm ready backwards, I have seen that Granny is home and looking well. Very glad for that and hope she continues to be well.

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