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Wednesday, November 26, 2014



Happy Thanksgiving to your family. I'm so sorry you had to cancel your plans. :( Colonial Williamsburg would have been so much fun for Thanksgiving. I hope Tom can get the electricity back on and be home for Thanksgiving dinner. Stay warm and enjoy your winter wonderland.



The Ehlingers

We are having pizza tonight too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Brenda Nuland

Happy Thanksgiving! My daughter lives near Boston (inland where it is snowing) and as soon as the Winter Storm Warning was out, she went to the store to get a "back up" turkey and other Thanksgiving fixings.

They usually are not concerned about winter weather but this system is strong enough, they may not be able to make it out their driveway to her mother-in-law's house!

Thanksgiving at Colonial Williamsburg... I feel your pain!


Ow wow, that snow looks so wonderful! I've never been in real powdery snow, only snow ice which is so hard. Sorry that your trip had to be cancelled but home looks like a wonderful place to spend your TG. :)


Happy Thanksgiving! We have snow too! And we're celebrating this year by having some expat American friends over for a traditional feast, since we missed Canadian thanksgiving completely this year. I hope your family will have a warm & cozy day and enjoy your holiday!

I'd like to play bingo again - if Sarah wants to have it! And I'm a little jealous you get to sew today too. Lori hosted a Christmas sew along on Instagram based on her Quilty Fun book, and I'm about 12 blocks behind on it, as usual for me. Next week I should be able to catch up.

Have a great day!

Tammy C

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope you have enough Thanksgiving food since you planned to be gone.

Mrs U

Hi Deb!!!!!
What a fun and memorable Thanksgiving!!!!! No snow here in Georgia. I surely hope we do get some this year, though!!!


Katelyn Wahlquist

That snow is beautiful! I'm sorry you had to cancel your plans to Colonial Williamsburg.

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