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Sunday, November 30, 2014



Looks like a blessed Thanksgiving! Last year we were home just the three of us and we were invited to two separate Thanksgiving gatherings. In the end we stayed home with a very sick little girl! Kevin ran to Meijer for steak and that was our Thanksgiving dinner. :)

This year, we were so incredibly blessed to have my sister and her husband, my brother, and youngest sister here with us! We've had a wonderful time!


What a wonderful Thanksgiving you ended up having. I'm so glad to hear the Lord answered prayers and allowed Tom to make it home for Thanksgiving dinner.
Now it's time to look forward to Christmas and begin praying that the snowstorms stay away!



Thanks for sharing your T'Giving. I had wondered what you would end up doing given the fact that your plans had fallen through, and it was snowing like crazy. Maybe Sarah will have to rethink her love for all things snow. 😉

Praise the Lord, our T'Giving was one of joy, relaxation and gratitude. As we all shared how God has worked in our lives throughout the year, it was great to reflect and remember God's goodness. So often, to my shame, I spend more time complaining than being thankful!

Eight of our ten kids (and spouses) were w/us, as were ten of our g'kids. We hope that we'll all be together @ Christmas.

Thanks again for sharing the lovely pix, and the lovely day you had last week. Though I am not a pumpkin fan, those rolls look very cool.

Oh, and, BTW, I am champing @the bit to steamroll over the others on my way to a Christmas Bingo victory, so bring it!

Tammy C

Thanks for posting about your Thanksgiving.Nice that you were able to give a nice Thanksgiving .

The first Thanksgiving out of the Army Pat,Dianne,and I along with Lloyd,John and Doug cooked a huge meal for the guys from the barracks that could come to the house.I remember we moved the furniture to fit tables and chairs.

We had small meal with just the 4 of us.We are so thankfull for Gregory 's health.

Tammy C

I meant to say give Kate a nice Thanksgiving.


Hi Deb!
I enjoyed reading about your almost wasn't Thankgiving. That early snow was something! I'm so sorry you didn't get to go to Williamsburg - we love that place and have been there many times. I'm sure your guest was pleased and thankful for the invitation to share the meal with you. You get 10 points for that. ;)
Our daughter (lives in Virginia) and her husband were here with a baby they are caring for several days each week. It was fun to see them along with our other daughter and grands. I'm still putting things away but it was wonderful.
Have a great week!


What a great story! So glad your Thanksgiving turned out well in the end. :)


Deb, this was the best story!!! I am so happy Katie made your day special, but I expect, you made hers very happy!!! Truly, the Lord worked this out!! I love ya'll! (-:

All my family was here for Thanksgiving and we cherished every moment! Nothing in this world makes hearts happier than being with family!

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