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Friday, December 19, 2014


Tammy C




Jordan Yuck

Congratulations Tammy C! I was one away this morning.


We ARE staying busy @ our house...not too busy w/Holly Jolly, though, given that the words are coming sloooowly for me this year, so I scanned the list in a flash! A tear... :)

Yesterday, my darling 18-year-old daughter pushed me to tell her what gifts were/are for whom, and I'm so glad that she did! She wrapped for a couple of solid hours, and we now have a stack of wrapped presents to show for it. Since we have a large family, we have lots of gifts. I've been walking back-and-forth in front of them this morning, and keep hearing a stuffed, animated dog barking. I bought two for two of my g'kids, and the dogs have a motion and touch sensor. So, now w/our real dog barking when the doorbell rings, we have a virtual dog barking when you walk by the package where he cozily sits waiting to be set free on Christmas.

And, today, my said daughter and I will be @ See's candy (a well-known VERY busy candy maker in CA) when they open--we need to have about ten boxes of candy hand-picked for my family...and the prerequisite for being an employee @ See's candy is that you move as slow as molasses. It will probably take AT LEAST an hour to get our business done there today.

And the returning of presents has already begun. After looking @ a couple of presents that I ordered online (I do almost ALL my shopping online--can't stand real shopping), I went to a department store in our area last night close to 10 PM to return them.

So, in answer to your question--Yes! Aren't you glad that you asked?! ;)


I too have Bingo, but alas, I see I am too late!


Congratulations Tammy C and Chris!!
What fun it's been playing Holly Jolly Bingo; Thank you, Sarah! Oh my, your Christmas confections have me droolin' this morning. I had two more words... so close, yet so far away, lol.
Today my granddaughters and I will be making several batches of Cracker Roca. They love how easy it is to make; and the flavor is phenomenal.
Have a wonderful day, everybody!


Congrats to Chris and Tammy C! Christmas came early for you.


If it were just silver, not silver bells, I would have Bingo too. Congratulations Tammy and Chris. I hope everyone has a Holly Jolly Christmas. Now I'm going to have that song in my head all day.

Tammy C

Thanks everyone!

We are done with Christmas shopping.This year we are praying for all to be healthy for the Christmas.

Very hard to make Christmas goodies due to many food restrictions at our house.


Last comment today...I think...I meant to thank you, Sarah, and the Girotti family for having the game again this year. As I've said several times, why it's so fun, I don't know...but it just is. When my husband came in to give me my morning kiss (oooh la la), I told him that I hadn't won. Being the sweet gentleman that he is, he said, "Ah..." but then he added that he knew that it was fun for me to play. And it was! So, thanks again...

And,Merry Christmas to everyone who played. Praise God for the gift of the incarnate Jesus, who came to "save His people from their sins." Can I get a Glory, Hallelujah?!

As an aside, it's funny, I've never personally met the Girotti family, but as brothers and sisters in Christ, we have a bond that transcends that...which is incredibly cool.

Now, I'm off to talk to my husband before he heads off into the cold cruel world of the Bay Area in NorCal.

Sarah G.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to our 2 winners, Tammy and Chris! I have contacted them both about their prizes.

I will be posting an official winners post a little later, as well. :)

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