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Thursday, December 11, 2014



Two of the words today describe you, Sarah: "grinch" and "scrooge"--at least in relation to how many words I got today. Grrr...

And, that survey is so partisan and subjective in its wording--"bland old white lights." Hmmm...I wonder what lights Sarah likes! I know, I like the "Wonderful COLORFUL lights." ;)

Oh, well, there's always tomorrow...c ya on the flip side. Now back to rest my bones for a few minutes before I get my sweet man off to work.

Jordan Yuck

Hi Sarah,
Caleb and I put in our votes for Wonderful colour lights!
(This is the correct way to spell colour, oh so I've been told here in Canada. I still think color looks right. ;-) )
Anyway colour it is! Sorry Jonathan.

Merry Christmas!
Jordan Yuck


Hey Sarah,
Here is my stand on the light issue. I use both, that way, the contrast makes the wonderful colored lights, seem even more colorful. How is that for the best of both worlds? That is what I'll be doing this weekend, while having some hot chocolate. Hot chocolate was on sale for gas points, so I have a lot of it on hand. Too bad you aren't here, we could have a tree trimming party. Love, Aunt Toots


I love driving around at night seeing all the lights folks have put up. There are usually a few neighborhoods closeby where all the houses are lit up beautifully.

Oh good, I mean, so sorry your words aren't working out, Cathy. ;) Does this mean I have a chance at winning this year? I'm really enjoying your "welps" and "grrs". *chuckles*

Susan Hutchens

As for lights . . . I love white lights, and so does our daughter. My husband likes coloured lights, and I'm not sure if the boys even care! LOL A few years ago, my husband found a "vintage-style" tree on clearance at Target, and since we needed a new tree that year (smaller place), he bought it, thinking I would love it, because I love vintage. Well . . . this tree has those HUGE bulb lights - coloured! I hated those lights when I was a little girl, and my parents wouldn't buy new ones because the old ones were fine. So . . . I still hate those huge lights as an adult! We laugh about it now, but when he brought that tree home, I was torn between laughing and crying. I don't like it much, but he bought it for me, so I tolerate it! LOL

Susan Hutchens

I lost half of my comment!

We load up our church family on a bus and go around the nicer neighbourhoods in our city looking at Christmas lights. We make stops for coffee and hot chocolate too, and have Christmas music playing on the bus. It's becoming a tradition, and we love it!


We have varying opinions in our house too on white versus colored lights. So, we put white lights on the trees(we put up three trees) and decorate the outside with colored lights. That way everybody gets their preference up somewhere.


Deborah Yuck

Too bad your poll will only allow us to vote once, because each member of our family would like to cast their votes too:

Paul - Coloured
Me - Coloured
Bethany - Coloured
Blessing - Coloured
Cherish - Coloured
Honour - Coloured
Liberty - Coloured

Surely those votes will tip the current tie in our favour!

Oh, and just a little something for Jonathan to keep in mind...

Mark 3:25



Deborah Yuck

Alrighty then, because you let me know that each person could vote, their preferences are now duly noted! :-)

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