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Tuesday, December 16, 2014



I love "Sweet Little Jesus Boy." I think it speaks to the overall condition of mankind...only God can open blind eyes, and when the Messiah came, most of those waiting for Him couldn't "see" Him. Despite performing miracles, and healing the sick, they were still blinded by their sin. They "didn't know who He was..." Ah, but when God takes the thick, steel curtains from the eyes, then Heaven opens up, and one can "see" a finite way, to be sure, but blind eyes are open, and desires are changed. Praise God for the miracle of grace.

Unfortunately, that Christmas miracle didn't extend to the words today. I gotta get more than two a day, Sarah, if I'm gonna win this thing. I'm getting petulant here in the Bay Area of NorCal!


I like Joy to the World, It Came Upon the Midnight Clear, Silent Night, Away in a Manger, most all the traditional hymns.
Once again, I could cross off only one word. *sobs* lol


See what you're doing to psyches, Sarah! Poor Toni is sobbing, and I'm petulant...meanwhile, I'm sure the Hammonds are closing in on the win.

I KNEW that I should have had my family enter...then snatched the prize from them!


Only one word for me today too. :( My favorite Christmas carols have always been O Holy Night, Masters in the Hall and O Come All Ye Faithful.
We have had a busy Christmas season this year with many activities, so we certainly are into the spirit of it. We went to hear the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's Christmas concert, then to the Georgia Governor's Mansion for the annual Christmas tour and later this week we'll head to downtown to see the Broadway production of the Christmas Carol. We're also attending and participating in the Christmas Eve service at our church.



There are a couple of tidbits that I want to add. Our church presented "The Story" this last weekend, in which famous works of art were acted out. "The Last Supper" was reneacted on a set with a 20' long table, and the actors posed "frozen" exactly as they are presented in Michelangelo's piece, while the narrators explained it. The lighting changes and makeup made it appear as a real painting. It was extremely effective, and the Gospel was unashamedly given--clearly and concisely. The choir and orchestra sang and played, and the music was God-honoring and Christ-exalting. And, yet, people will miss the message. "Oh, you have such talented people in your church," or "That was so impressive," are some of the remarks I've heard. However, God can--and does--open blind eyes, and that is what we've been praying will happen as a result of the Gospel going out.

And, like others, I, too, love "O Holy Night." My favorite rendition is by Michael Phelps. His voice IS a musical instrument. I'm including the link. If you give it a listen, you won't be disappointed.


Again, I'm sad I'm not playing Holly Jolly Bingo but I'm wishing all the players luck.
I love all the traditional carols but I also like Mary Did You Know. and Breathe of Heaven.
Anyhoo, have a good one!

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